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JYM Pre Extreme 20srv

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Are you looking for an extreme pre-workout to truly push you limits and go beyond peak intensity? Do you love the feeling of being "jacked" or "amped" when you slam back a hardcore pre-workout right before you decimate the weights??

JYM Pre Extreme 

Pre JYM X Extreme Pre is the ultimate formula for lifters seeking to take performance to all new heights! This pre-workout formula was developed after years of rigorous research and testing, making it one of the most potently dosed formulas to ever drop on the scene! It's designed to add the "X factor" to your training, increasing strength, endurance, and focus for unrivaled performance and results.

The formula contains a blend of must-have ingredients from the original Pre JYM formula, along with new compounds that support laser-like focus and the nutritional horsepower necessary for attaining skin-tearing pumps. The supplement is ideal for individuals who push beyond their physical and mental limits, one workout, game, or challenge at a time.

Pre JYM X is loaded with new ingredients like Betaine Nitrate, Citrulline Nitrate, and Pine Bark Extract, creating a triple-action combo that ensures the craziest pumps ever, while Methylliberine, Theanine, and TeaCrine are central nervous system stimulants that create an intense, powerful, and steady boost in alertness, drive, and focus. This powerhouse formula also contains double the amount of creatine HCl and beta-alanine as Pre JYM, supporting greater strength gains and increased workout performance. The dose of citrulline malate is also increased to 8g, forming a rock-solid foundation for skin-tearing pumps.

All in all, Pre JYM X Extreme contains over 31 grams of active ingredients per scoop, making it the most potent and "fully-loaded" pre-workout formulas to ever hit the market!

* Mind-blowing energy to power you through any workout

* Push beyond your physical and mental limits

* Intense, powerful, and steady boost in alertness, drive, and focus

* Skin-tearing pumps

* Over 31 grams of active ingredients per scoop

Directions: As a dietary supplement, mix 1 scoop of Pre JYMTM X in 16-24 oz. of water and drink 30-45 minutes before workouts. Initially use 1/2 serving or less to assess
tolerance. Once tolerance is assessed, take no more than 1 serving. To avoid sleeplessness, do not consume within 6 hours of bedtime.

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