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Nutrition Faktory in Cookeville is here. If you have been waiting for a nutrition company to come along that can bring you wholesale prices on supplements and vitamins, Nutrition Faktory is here. No more worrying about shopping with “other” places that push their own brands. No more worrying about if you got the best deal. Compare any of our prices to the other stores like GNC and Vitamin Shoppe or other vitamin and nutrition stores in the area.

Knowledgeable staff. Good selection. Creatine I got was actually $4 cheaper there than on Amazon. The best part though. They do a free body analysis and print it out for you. It tells you a ton of info about your body physiology. I’ll be back for sure.

Nutrition Faktory Customer

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Nutrition Faktory in Cookeville wants to be the only place you will ever need to shop for your vitamins, supplements, protein and other nutritional needs. Get your supplements at the lowest price the same day.

We Are Growing Each Month!

Nutrition Faktory started in 2017 in Murfreesboro, TN and the goal was to bring amazing customer service and the top prices on the top brands here to Middle Tennessee! We are thankful to have such an amazing support from the great people of Murfreesboro and we will continue to do our best to provide the city with the best possible pricing and service!

Come Visit Nutrition Faktory in Cookeville now and see why you never need to buy your supplements anywhere, not GNC, not Vitamin Shoppe, not Amazon.

Our Cookeville Address:

650 S Jefferson Ave. Ste. 105
Cookeville, TN 38501

Have Questions? Call us at (615) 203-3824.