New Supplements for May

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This month the new supplements continue in our industry. While it's getting warmer all around the country, fat burners aren't the newest supplements being released. The team here at Faktory Nutrition is seeing a ton of new products hitting the market. This is the new supplement list for May of 2019! GASPARI NUTRITION BONE BROTH PROTEIN Gaspari Nutrition is jumping into the bone broth protein area with it's new product. This is honestly very surprising to me, as Gaspari Nutrition normally sticks to bodybuilding type supplements. Glad to see them branching out! JULIAN SMITH'S ARMS RACE NUTRITION SUPPLEMENT COMPANY This...

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April 2019 New Supplements

Posted by Mike Bires on

Find a list of all the new supplements released for April 2019. From protein supplements, to pre-workouts, to bars and more. See what's coming down the pipeline for you to try!

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