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NEW FLAVOR ALERT! Barebells Cookies & Caramel Protein Bar Now Available!

NEW FLAVOR ALERT! Barebells Cookies & Caramel Protein Bar Now Available!

Who doesn't love a delicious snack? But what about a delicious snack that is also diet friendly and PACKED with muscle building and repairing protein? If you're a fan of healthy snacking, looking for new healthy but very enjoyable snacking option, or just flat out tired of the cardboard tasting protein snack options out there that make for a miserable snacking experience, then listen up!! Barebells has just released their newest flavor: Cookies & Caramel and it is a freaking game-changer!

And in my opinion... the best flavor drop for Barebells has introduced yet! Picture this: a cookie and chocolate-flavored center, loaded with slightly salted caramel, all wrapped up in silky milk chocolate with crispy bits on top. It’s the ultimate combo of sweet and salty that makes staying fit ridiculously delicious.

Barebells took their fan-favorite Cookies and Cream bar and cranked it up to 11

 Barebells did this by adding a rich caramel layer that makes it taste like an actual dessert! And here’s the kicker—it’s got 20 grams of protein and no added sugar*. That’s right, ZERO added sugar! Whether you’re pounding out a workout, need a snack to get you through the day, or just want something that tastes like a cheat meal without the guilt, Barebells Cookies & Caramel is where it’s at. You won’t believe it’s a protein bar!

From day one, Barebells has been about making eating healthy taste freaking amazing. Their high-protein bars are not just nutritious, they’re absolutely delicious and packed full of flavor! Barebells set out on a very simple mission—to prove that protein products don’t have to taste like cardboard—they can be irresistibly good. And with Cookies & Caramel, they’re proving you can have your gains and enjoy them too. So stop wasting time with bland snacks and grab a Barebells Cookies & Caramel Bar, now available at Nutrition Faktory. It’s time to make your taste buds and your muscles happy!

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