Nutrition Faktory Ambassador Program

First of all, thank you SO much for taking the time to reach out and for your interest in being part of the Nutrition Faktory Team! 
I wanted to start by sharing a little bit about me, @MichaelBires, the founder of Nutrition Faktory. I'll try to keep it as short as possible :)
I grew up in a small town (13,000 people) in Northern Ohio with a dad who worked his butt off at Ford to provide for my sister and I. I graduated high school at age 17 and found myself working at a factory to save up money for school. While in school I worked part-time at a health food store where I'll never forget meeting an elderly woman who claims I "saved her life"! About a month prior I had recommended a joint product that allowed her to work in her garden again because the product stopped her knees from hurting. Her garden was everything to her since her husband had passed and it was the one thing that gave her joy and made her want to continue living. This was CRAZY to me that I could change someone's life for the positive by simply "doing my job"! THIS is where I fell in love with this industry! 
After that experience I owned a few nutrition stores in Ohio, moved to Southern California and became VP of a big chain of nutrition stores (where I learned so much) and left there to become VP of a large supplement brand (again, more learning). Ultimately I felt like I was "chasing money" and lost sight of WHY I fell in love with this industry in the first place. That's when a group of us started @Motiv8Performance in 2014 with the goal of creating an empowering brand that genuinely wanted to change peoples' lives for the positive...and it worked! 
Fast forward to 2017 when I moved here to Tennessee to get closer to my family in Ohio and I was still focused on Motiv8. Living here I quickly noticed that it was hard to find affordable supplements here in Middle Tennessee so my focus shifted. Having been in the industry for so long I reached out to supplement brand owners that had become my friends over the years and asked them if they would sell directly to me. This would allow me to sell wholesale to the public so we could show Middle Tennessee that supplements can be AFFORDABLE! They agreed and Nutrition Faktory was born! Since that moment my goal has remained the same, give customers the best experience they've EVER had buying Vitamins and Supplements while changing lives for the better along the way! 
I share my background, not because it's anything special, but because if I were to join a movement, I would want to know the answers to a few questions...Who is this girl/guy? What does this person stand for?  Why are they doing this? What am I REALLY becoming a part of? 
I can tell you that I am done chasing money. I'm done doing things for the wrong reasons. I'm here to be a part of something TRULY SPECIAL and the only way it becomes special is WITH people like you! We can DO MORE together!!!
As mentioned in our post, my dilemma and hesitancy in launching a program like this has been that by offering the lowest every day pricing it makes it tough to give an extra discount. I NEVER want to offend a potential teammate so I asked myself, "what can I do extra for these great people that want to be a part of this special movement?!?!" Here is what I came up with:

"Deciding to work with Nutrition Faktory was a no-brainer. Their excellent product assortment and low prices make it easy to recommend them to my readers. As an affiliate, I appreciate their competitive commission rates and transparent reporting. I look forward to continuing to partner with them."

Kyle Risley, Lift Vault

What do You Get Being Part of the Nutrition Faktory Team?

Ambassador Pack - We have updated our ambassador pack to include our latest T-Shirt and Hoodie, plus a Nutrition Faktory Ice Shaker. That's a $100 pack, exclusive to Team Nutrition Faktory for only $59.99. Here is the link.
Exclusive Nutrition Faktory Apparel/Accessory Promos - Get exclusive deals on our already inexpensive apparel, shakers and any other Nutrition Faktory Branded Items that we launch! All we ask is that after purchasing you POST and TAG US!!! 
Exclusive Product Promos - You will get deals and coupons that are ONLY for our Team Nutrition Faktory Members! 
Exclusive Events - It's been a weird year to say the least but once life returns to normal we will be back to hosting all of the crazy events that you're used to seeing!  You will have an opportunity to be a part of these events! 
Early Entry - Meet your favorite athletes, ambassadors etc. at our grand openings/events by getting early entry so your wait in line is minimal compared to others!
Included in "Team Nutrition Faktory" Marketing - We will be doing photo shoots, commercials, billboards and SO much more! We'd like YOU to be a part of many of our marketing campaigns! 
Build Your Personal Brand/Free Advice - I has used a very specific strategy growing brands throughout my life and I can help you grow your following if you'd like my help. Being a part of a movement as large as this will help bring more attention to you and your personal brand as well!
Free In Body Testing - Come in any time to use our In Body 570 for FREE, no purchase necessary!
Wholesale Pricing - Continue to get the best pricing around on all of the top brands! 
Intro to Top Brands - If you're looking for more support, let us know and we will share our Team Nutrition Faktory Page with all of our brand partners and let them know that you are looking to add a Vitamin/Supplement Brand to sponsor them along with Nutrition Faktory! 
Online Code For Out-Of-State Friends - We will provide you with a coupon code that gets all of your friends more than 30 miles from our stores FREE SHIPPING and you get rewarded for all purchases that total over $100 in one month.
Monthly Purchases: 
$100-$1000 = 7% Commission
$1001-$2500 = 10% Commission
$2501-$9999 = 12.5% Commission
$10,000+ = 15% Commission
It's simple, please post each Monday (story or feed but at least once per month on your main feed) and find a way to incorporate Nutrition Faktory like sharing your favorite products, posting in Nutrition Faktory gear, or simply sharing your journey with followers! We will do special promotions for "stand-out team members" to show our thanks! 
Here are some other guidelines
- Please include Team @NutritionFaktory in your bio
- Please include #NutritionFaktory, #TeamFaktory when posting about us
- Please tag us when posting about us
- Please refrain from posting about competing stores & brands that we don't carry on your feed and/or story
Be sure to join our Private Team Nutrition Faktory Facebook Page and our Private Team Nutrition Faktory Text Group to stay up to date with new product offerings, exclusive deals for ambassadors, announcements and to become part of the community! Also be sure to log into your affiliatly account to create/ update your account here so you can get paid on all purchases made with your link! 
Local Ambassadors, please be sure you are telling all of your friends in Middle Tennessee to go visit their local Nutrition Faktory and all ambassadors, please spread the word to everyone outside Middle Tennessee that the best place to find over 150 of the top brands at the lowest pricing is at! 
Thanks again for being part of this special team and please me know if you have any questions at all! 
Now let's go get it in 2021!!! 
Michael Bires
Nutrition Faktory Founder/CEO