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The Rise of Plant-Based Proteins: Is Vegan Protein Powder as Effective as Whey?

The Rise of Plant-Based Proteins: Is Vegan Protein Powder as Effective as Whey?

It can be tricky to find the right protein powder with so many options out there. There is an abundance of protein powders with different tastes, textures, and goals. Just figuring out which source you like for your protein powder can be tough. 

There are two extremely popular sources of protein powder: whey and plant-based.  They each have their benefits and drawbacks, but they do have one thing in common: they’re effective. 

Let’s discuss what plant-based protein and whey protein are, their pros and cons, and factors to consider when you’re choosing your preference. 

Understanding the Basics of Plant Based Protein

What is Vegan Protein Powder?

In vegan protein powder, plant-based proteins are processed and stripped of their other nutritional components, leaving behind high concentrations of protein. 

Common vegan protein sources include: 

  • Peas
  • Soy
  • Oat
  • Hemp
  • Potato
  • Canola
  • Fava Beans

What is Whey Protein?

Whey protein is a dairy-based protein source that comes from milk. It’s highly processed because whey protein is refined until it’s stripped of most non-protein nutritional content. The protein concentrate or isolate that you’re left with contains high protein concentrations by weight. 

Comparing Vegan Protein Powder and Whey Protein

Nutritional Profile of Vegan Protein Powder

Vegan protein powder has unique benefits and drawbacks. They are typically considered to be lower in saturated fats and cholesterol. However, whey proteins are higher in essential amino acids with a higher concentration of protein. 

A big difference between whey and vegan protein is that whey typically has complete proteins, while plant-based typically has incomplete proteins, with a couple of exceptions, like pea protein. 

Complete proteins contain all nine essential amino acids that our bodies can’t naturally make. Incomplete protein sources, on the other hand, have a select few of the nine amino acids, but not all of them. 

Plant-Based Protein Digestibility and Absorption

Plant-based proteins are generally easier to digest than whey and other animal sources, which are known to cause digestive distress in many people. 

If you’re lactose intolerant, plant-based proteins are far more desirable than whey protein, as the latter contains levels of lactose. Even if you’re not lactose intolerant, high levels of it can be very tough on the digestive system. 

Vegan Protein Powder Taste and Texture

Tastes are subjective, and there are a variety of different protein powders that will taste and feel differently. 

In general, vegan protein powders generally have a more earthy flavor. Whey protein powder, on the other hand, have been compared to tasting like powdered milk. 

Whey protein is finer, so they tend to be smoother and dissolve more readily in water. Plant proteins can be gritty at times. 

Benefits of Choosing Plant-Based Protein

There are a number of benefits to choosing plant-based proteins. 

Environmental Impact of Plant-Based Protein

Plant-based proteins are better for the environment than whey proteins. It has a lower carbon footprint because it has a lower impact on water and energy resources. They are also more sustainable and require less land and water to produce. 

Health Benefits of Vegan Protein Powder

There are some health benefits to vegan protein powder that aren’t as present in whey proteins. The healthy fats contained within vegan protein powder can help regulate your appetite and weight, as well as control hormone levels, sugar levels, and digestion. 

Allergies and Intolerances Associated With Plant-Based Protein

There are certain food allergies and sensitivities that are associated with plant-based proteins. Some may contain common allergens like soy and gluten, so it’s important to read the label before using it. 

Pea protein, in particular, can cause bloating and cramping if you have IBS or are sensitive to FODMAPs. 

Making the Right Choice for Your Needs

There are a lot of protein powders out there. That’s why it’s so important to find the right one for you. 

Factors to Consider

Personal Dietary Preferences and Restrictions

It’s essential to find a protein powder that matches your dietary preferences and restrictions so that you remain healthy and without any uncomfortable side effects. 

Finding one that suits your taste is just as important. After all, you’ll be using this protein powder on most days of the week, and it can make for a difficult routine to follow if you don’t like the taste of it. 

Fitness Goals and Protein Requirements

There are many different protein powders for a variety of different goals. For example, if you want to lose weight, it may be a good idea to find a protein powder that is low in calories. If you’re trying to gain muscle, you’ll want to find a protein powder that contains the amino acid leucine, which helps to increase lean muscle mass.  


You’ll be buying a lot of protein powder over the years, so it’s essential to find one that fits your budget. Whey protein tends to be more affordable than plant protein, strictly because it’s a more established market.

But don’t cross plant proteins off your list. There are affordable vegan options, as well, especially as the market continues to grow in popularity. 


These are some of the most popular vegan protein powder options available. 

Black Magic Protein

Experience the magic of plant-based nutrition with Black Magic Vegan Protein. Crafted for those seeking a vegan alternative without compromising on taste or quality, this protein powder offers a rich blend derived from natural sources. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or just looking for a healthful protein boost, Black Magic Vegan ensures you get the best of both worlds.

Titan Nutrition Vegan

Embrace the power of plant-based nutrition with Titan Nutrition Vegan Protein. This unique blend combines three potent plant-based protein sources: Pea Protein Isolate, Brown Rice Protein, and Quinoa Protein, delivering a whopping 20 grams of protein per serving. With an amino acid profile mirroring that of eggs or dairy, this vegan protein ensures you're not missing out on essential nutrients. Packed with 11 superfoods, it not only aids muscle recovery but also supports overall health. Available in delectable Vanilla Chai and Velvet Mousse flavors, it's a treat for both your muscles and taste buds.

Axe & Sledge Plant Fed Protein

Fuel your body with the power of nature using Axe & Sledge's Plant Fed Protein. This premium vegan protein combines Pea Protein Isolate and Brown Rice Protein, ensuring a complete amino acid profile for optimal muscle recovery. Each serving delivers 20 grams of high-quality plant-based protein with only 100 calories. Free from artificial ingredients, Plant Fed is naturally flavored and colored, making it a clean and effective protein choice. Whether you're an athlete or someone following a vegan diet, this protein blend is designed to support your fitness journey. Available in enticing flavors like Peanut Butter Banana and Vanilla Coconut, it's a delicious way to meet your protein needs.

Nutrabio Plant Protein

Discover the power of plant-based nutrition with NutraBio's Plant Protein. This meticulously crafted protein blend is designed for those who seek a vegan-friendly protein source without compromising on taste or nutritional value. With flavors like German Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Drizzle, and Snickerdoodle Cookie, this protein powder offers a delightful taste experience. Whether you're on a fitness journey or simply looking to incorporate more plant-based nutrition into your diet, NutraBio Plant Protein is your go-to choice.

Muscle Sport Plant’d

Dive into the world of plant-based nutrition with MuscleSport's "Plant'd" protein. This premium blend offers a harmonious combination of Pea Protein Isolate, Brown Rice Protein, and the superfood Sacha Inchi from Peru. What sets "Plant'd" apart is its unique Fat Metabolizing Matrix, which includes ingredients like Agave Inulin Fiber, Konjac root, and MCTs from Coconut, designed to support optimal fat metabolism. Fortified with Vitamin B-12, it's not just a protein source but a comprehensive nutritional powerhouse. Whether you're vegan or just exploring plant-based options, "Plant'd" promises a delicious and nutritious experience with flavors like Fruity Cereal and Blueberry Cobbler.

Transparent Labs Organic Vegan

Experience the purity of USDA Organic Certified protein with Transparent Labs Organic Vegan Protein. This 100% vegan protein boasts a 2:1 rice to pea protein ratio, ensuring a smooth texture that's gentle on your digestive system. With 24 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber per serving, it's not just a protein source but a comprehensive nutritional supplement. Beyond being vegan-friendly, it's free from artificial flavoring and sweeteners. Whether you're strictly vegan or just exploring healthier options, this protein offers a delicious way to optimize your health.

Find Quality Products at Nutrition Faktory

There’s a protein powder for everyone out there.  Whether you’re looking for a whey protein powder or any kind of plant-based protein powder, Nutrition Faktory has you covered. You can be sure that you’re finding the very highest quality protein powder when you shop with us. 

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