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Titan Nutrition Vegan Protein 28srv

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Are you following a vegan/vegetarian diet, and you're having trouble getting in enough protein? Looking for a delicious alternative to whey protein or animal based protein? Introducing Titan Nutrition VEGAN!

VEGAN is comprised of a nutrient dense combination of 3 plant based protein sources - Pea Protein Isolate, Brown Rice Protein, and Quinoa Protein, delivering 20 grams of ultra high quality protein per serving. This specific combination of proteins provides an amino acid profile identical to eggs or dairy, delivering all nine essential amino acids which are vital for building and repairing muscle tissue. These plant powerhouses are also high in fiber, aiding in digestion and satiety. On top of the ultra high quality proteins, VEGAN is loaded with 11 superfoods that deliver a a health and nutrient power punch! These phytonutrients help support liver and kidney health by aiding in the removal of free radicals and toxins. They also help reduce inflammation in the body and support cellular health, circulatory function, heart health, and a healthy immune system.

VEGAN is perfect for a post-workout shake or a delicious way to your increase lean protein consumption, while also soaking up the incredible benefits of a plant-based protein! Oh... and did I mention the flavors? VEGAN is available in Vanilla Chai and Velvet Mousse (my personal favorite) and both are absolutely delectable!!

* 20 grams of ultra-high quality plant based protein per serving

* 11 superfoods added for increased nutritional benefits

* Mouthwatering flavors

* Increase muscular recovery and help repair torn down muscle tissue

* Complete protein providing all nine essential amino acids

* 100% all natural

Directions: Add one scoop to 4-6 ounces of a liquid of your choice, shake well, and enjoy!

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