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Transparent Labs ZMO 60cap

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Zinc and Magnesium are the ultimate go-to solution for athletes that over-train and push the limits of their physiques at a competitive level. These two minerals are responsible for thousands of intricate enzymatic processes, and proper dietary intake is essential for optimal health. Transparent Labs is the first nutrition brand to make a highly bioavailable Zinc and Magnesium supplement, ZMO. Standing for Zinc, Magnesium, Oyster - each serving of ZMO contains active and accessible Zinc, Magnesium, and trace-mineral rich Oyster Extract! To be specific, we are proud to disclose the exact forms we use: Zinc Picolinate Magnesium Bisglycinate Oyster Meat Powder ZMO is the true solution to nighttime muscle recovery and sleep support, vastly out-performing cheap and industrial oxide and aspartate supplements riddled across the supplement industry. Possible ZMO benefits: A Better nights rest Higher natural energy levels over time Better performance gains Higher testosterone in men

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