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Transparent Labs Bulk Black 30srv

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Transparent Labs is well known in the sports nutrition and supplementation world for their truly innovative products, all of which contain clinical dosing to ensure peak benefits and effectiveness. They are also widely known and popular for the cleanliness of their products, meaning all-natural sweeteners, zero food dyes, absolutely zero unnecessary fillers or harmful additives, and always 100% formula transparency.

Transparent Labs continues with this tradition, with their newest innovative pre-workout - Bulk Black. Think of Bulk Black as the stronger and more potent big brother to their extremely popular and industry leading pre-workout Bulk. This new formulation kept all of the key components that users came to know and love about Bulk pre-workout formula and ramped up the energy, clinically proven nitric oxide boosters, hard-hitting nootropics for intense focus and mind-to-muscle connections, natural testosterone-supporting ingredients, and muscle fortifiers to deliver the pinnacle of clinically dosed pre-workouts. 

If you're looking for an in your face, extreme rush of energy and want to feel that mega "jacked up" feeling, this pre-workout isn't for you. But, if you want a surge of clean, smooth energy that will stick with you and power you through your workout, Bulk Black definitely delivers.  On top of the smooth and sustaining energy, the focus this one delivers is absolutely top tier! From start to finish, Bulk Black delivers a tunnel vision like focus to keep you dialed in and motivated to blast through even the most exhausting of workouts. The muscle pumps are massive and intense, the boost of endurance and increase in strength and power from the clinical doses of Beta-Alanine, Betaine Anhydrous, and Taurine is absolutely phenomenal! 

*Clean and smooth energy that will power you through every workout with no crash or jitters

* Intense tunnel vision focus that keeps you dialed in for the entirety of the training session/workout

* Relentless endurance so you can push your body longer and harder

* Boost strength and power to new heights

* Increase training volume capabilities for increased muscle growth

Directions: In terms of timing, we recommend taking PreSeries BULK BLACK 20-30 minutes prior to your workout. In terms of how much water to drink with PreSeries BULK BLACK, we recommend mixing 8-12 fl. oz of water with 1/2 scoop (to assess tolerance) and mixing 16-24 fl. oz of water with 1 full scoop.

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