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Transparent Labs Vitamin D3+ K2 60softgels

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Vitamin D is more than just your average nutrient, it’s a powerful hormone. One that positively affects strength, testosterone, mood, and the density of your bones. But if you’re like 75% of sun-deprived Americans, then you are deficient [1]. RawSeries Vitamin D3 delivers 5,000 IU of active vitamin D. Enough to compliment the average lifestyle and get you through those cold winter months and into summer without a loss. Still not convinced? Here are some additional benefits of adequate vitamin D: Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease [3] Increased testosterone [4] Reduced risk of catching the cold and flu [5][6] Muscle recovery and torque [7] Reduced risk of certain types of cancers [8][9][10] Bone fracture risk [11] Increased strength and performance [12]

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