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Transparent Labs MAG Bisglycinate 90cap

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Supplementing with the mineral Magnesium is more than just wishful thinking, it’s likely the most underrated supplement in the vitamin and mineral industry. Magnesium isn’t a ‘the more the merrier’ type supplement like protein. Instead, it’s a case of proactively staving off deficiency of this mineral. A deficiency which an estimated 80% of Americans are subject to and don’t even know it. Got a bad diet? Taking magnesium daily should be your strategy. Going through an intense boot camp? Taking magnesium for this period should be your tactic. Here’s why the research says you should bother: Improve Your Mood: The Scandinavian College of Neuropsychopharmacology publishes that a diet deficient in magnesium likely leads to a disruption of the microbiota-gut-brain axis producing depressive-like behavior [1]. Prevent Genotoxicity: Genotoxicity means, toxicity that effects your DNA (genes). Recently published in the Journal of Cardiovascular Disease, researchers confidently believe that magnesium deficient environments directly lead to genotoxic environments that damage DNA, cause inflammation, and promote cardiovascular disease [2]. Several previous studies support this thesis, this one is particularly intense [3, 4, 5]. Prevent Stress Induced Thyroid Disease: An interesting study published in BBA Clinical observed a relationship between magnesium deficiency, and the onset of thyroid disease, suggesting that a magnesium deficiency increases the likelihood of onset [6]. Selenium and CoQ10 were also critically important. Over the last 30 years, magnesium deficiencies and their negative effects have not improved through the modern diet [7]. In fact, magnesium soil deficiency is a growing concern in agriculture for producing proper yields [8]. This begs to question if we can ever expect to get adequate magnesium ourselves via natural methods. So what Magnesium should you take? Well, if you’re familiar with our one-of-a-kind ZMO supplement (Zinc, Magnesium, and Oyster) then you’ll know that not all magnesium supplements are the same! The most common form of magnesium on health store shelves is magnesium oxide, which is in fact, one of the worst types for an athlete to take. This is because oxidized minerals, especially magnesium, have an extremely difficult time entering the body. This ‘difficulty’ paired with magnesium’s muscle relaxing effects is why magnesium oxide is also often the main ingredient in laxative supplements. Surely, not what you want to take before leg day. So what form should you be taking? Magnesium Bisglycinate. We recommend the highly bioavailable and non-laxative Magnesium Bisglycinate. It isn’t cheap like magnesium oxide, but neither are any of the ingredients that we put into any of our products. Got more questions? Magnesium is a fascinating topic that bears influence across every inch of our bodies. We didn’t even begin to cover the common benefits to magnesium supplementation like improved cognition, reduced stress, and muscle relaxation/function. We encourage you to research more!

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