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Transparent Labs Hydrate 40srv

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Intense exercise is well-known to deplete electrolytes and dehydrate the body, ultimately hindering athletic performance and causing muscles to cramp. In addition to drinking plenty of water, supplementing with Transparent Labs Hydrate helps rapidly replenish electrolytes and hydrate the body before, during, and after exercise This electrolyte supplement is not your typical “sports beverage” that’s loaded with cheap sugars, artificial coloring, and artificial sweeteners. Instead, we carefully crafted Transparent Labs Hydrate with a comprehensive profile of bioavailable minerals like taurine to keep you performing at peak capacity for hours on end. These ingredients work synergistically to support optimal hydration status and electrolyte balance, both of which are imperative for sustaining muscle contractility, endurance, recovery, and cell volumization. Best of all, this electrolyte formula is naturally sweetened with stevia and won’t cause stomach cramps or digestive issues like many sugar-laden sports drinks do.

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