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Transparent Labs Bulk Black: The pinnacle of clinically dosed pre-workouts

Transparent Labs Bulk Black: The pinnacle of clinically dosed pre-workouts

Transparent Labs exploded onto the sports nutrition scene in 2015, and are widely known for their widely innovative and super clean products. If you've been around the supplement game for any length of time, you're well aware that the market is flooded with companies making scandalous claims about the effects and benefits of their products, using absurd pseudoscience, or research claims that are very misleading. Deceitful marketing like this is the primary reason Transparent Labs was initially created. They wanted to bring forth products with formulas that have key ingredients with numerous scientific studies and research, all at clinical dosing to ensure peak benefits and effectiveness. Of course, that's not all... each product is also extremely clean, meaning all-natural sweeteners, zero food dyes, absolutely zero unnecessary fillers or harmful additives, and always 100% formula transparency.

Table of Contents
What Can You Expect from Transparent Labs Bulk?
Does Transparent Labs Bulk Have Testosterone?
Is Transparent Labs Bulk Pre Workout Safe?
What Are The Side Effects of Transparent Labs Bulk Pre Workout?
Transparent Labs Bulk Black Ingredients
Citrulline Malate 2:1 - 8,000mg
Beta-Alanine - 4,000mg
BetaPure™ Betaine Anhydrous - 2,500mg
Taurine - 1,300mg
L-Tyrosine - 1,000mg
AlphaSize® Alpha GPC - 300mg
Caffeine Anhydrous - 275mg
L-Theanine - 300mg
Theobromine - 50mg
AstraGin™ - 50mg
Infinergy™ (DiCaffeine Malate) - 30mg
Boron (as Boron Citrate) - 3mg
What Flavors Does Transparent Labs Bulk Black Come In?


Transparent Labs continues with this tradition, with their newest innovative pre-workout - Bulk Black. Think of Bulk Black as the stronger and more potent big brother to their extremely popular and industry leading pre-workout Bulk. This new formulation kept all of the key components that users came to know and love about Bulk pre-workout formula and ramped up the energy, clinically proven nitric oxide boosters, hard-hitting nootropics, natural testosterone-supporting ingredients, and muscle fortifiers to deliver the pinnacle of clinically dosed pre-workouts. 

What Can You Expect from Transparent Labs Bulk?

Transparent Labs Bulk is a pre-workout supplement that is designed to support exercise performance and recovery. The supplement contains a blend of high-quality ingredients, including creatine, beta-alanine, betaine, and citrulline malate, which are intended to improve energy, focus, strength, endurance, and muscle pumps.

My experience with this pre workout was impressive. Right away I got the tingles from the 4 grams of Beta-Alanine (that's right.. 4 grams!). I personally love that feeling, as it triggers a "LET'S GO!!!!" response, and I'm ready to start crushing the workout. Next, a rush of energy hit and the nootropics started to kick in, which provided crystal clear tunnel vision focus and I was completely dialed in. The energy wasn't overwhelming at all, but instead was a clean and smooth, yet powerful feeling that lasted throughout the entire workout. Due to the specific combinations of stimulants, there were no jitters and no mid or post-workout crash.

If you're looking for an in your face, extreme rush of energy and want to feel that mega "jacked up" feeling, this pre-workout isn't for you. But, if you want a surge of clean, smooth energy that will stick with you and power you through your workout, Bulk Black definitely delivers. 

Now, back to the mental focus and feeling of being dialed in. I was completely dialed in from start to finish, and had a true feeling of tunnel vision throughout the duration of the workout. Each set and each rep I could feel peak muscle contraction and had a tremendous mind-to-muscle connection on every exercise.

This is one attribute I personally look for in any and every pre-workout that I use. I personally would rather have this feeling over being super stimulated any day. Of course, we all have our own preferences, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with extreme energy pre-workouts. I've just found for me personally, moderate to no stimulant formulas, that are heavy on the nootropics, and deliver that awesome feeling of being completely dialed is my niche! And Bulk Black... that feeling was definitely immense!

Now, we're into the thick of the workout. Endurance was still peaking, strength was high and not fading out, and intensity was still maxed out. This and the focus were without a doubt my favorite parts of this pre-workout experience. Even midway or at the tail end of the workout, endurance and strength were still high with no signs of fading out. Obviously you won't be as strong as you were at the start of the workout (if you're actually pushing yourself that is), but strength and endurance were definitely still up high and I knew by the end of the workout I had truly pushed my body to the limits. 

The last part of this awesome experience were the muscle pumps. I personally love the feeling of blood rushing and engorging the muscles, and the feeling of your muscles filling up like a balloon, and Bulk Black definitely delivered. It wasn't the most extreme pumps I've ever felt from a pre-workout, but they were unquestionably there on every single lift/exercise. The muscle tightness, muscle fullness, and vascularity were all noticeable and got more intense as the workout progressed.

Now that we've discussed my experience with this all new performance boosting monster, let's breakdown the entire formula, so we can get a closer look at all of the benefits.

Does Transparent Labs Bulk Have Testosterone?

Transparent Labs Bulk pre-workout supplement does not contain testosterone. The supplement contains a blend of ingredients that are intended to support exercise performance and recovery, such as creatine, beta-alanine, betaine, and citrulline malate.

Is Transparent Labs Bulk Pre Workout Safe?

Transparent Labs Bulk pre-workout supplement is generally safe when taken as directed and when the individual does not have any underlying medical conditions that may be affected by the ingredients in the supplement. However, as with any dietary supplement, there are potential risks and side effects that should be considered.

What Are The Side Effects of Transparent Labs Bulk Pre Workout?

The Transparent Labs Bulk pre-workout supplement contains several ingredients that may cause side effects, especially when taken in high doses or in combination with other supplements or medications. Some potential side effects of Transparent Labs Bulk pre workout are similar to other pre workout formulas and may include:

  • Jitters or anxiety: The caffeine content in the supplement can cause jitters, restlessness, or anxiety in some people, especially those who are sensitive to caffeine.
  • Nausea or stomach upset: Beta-alanine, an amino acid found in the supplement, may cause some individuals to experience stomach discomfort or nausea.
  • Headaches: The high levels of caffeine in the supplement may cause headaches in some people.
  • Insomnia: The caffeine content in the supplement may also cause difficulty falling or staying asleep in some people.
  • Dehydration: The supplement may cause dehydration due to its diuretic effect, especially if not enough water is consumed during exercise.
  • Allergic reactions: Some individuals may be allergic to some of the ingredients in the supplement, such as beta-alanine or citrulline malate, which may cause an allergic reaction.

Transparent Labs Bulk Black Ingredients

Citrulline Malate 2:1 - 8,000mg

We start off with a clinical and scientifically substantiated dosage of Citrulline Malate at 8,000mg. This is the primary N.O. (nitric oxide) and pump inducing ingredient that provided the muscle pump experience I discussed previously. 

What is Citrulline Malate?

Citrulline is a nonessential amino acid that serves as an endogenous precursor to arginine, thereby greatly enhancing nitric oxide synthesis through what is known as the arginine-nitric oxide pathway. Nitric oxide has various performance-boosting functions in the body including a vasodilatory effect, which will increase blood, oxygen, and nutrient delivery to working muscles. Furthermore, nitric oxide can also reduce the oxygen and energy cost of exercise allowing you to push the working muscles longer and harder.

Malate is an essential intermediate of the Acid (TCA) Cycle, which generates two-thirds of the body’s energy by utilizing fats and carbohydrates consumed through the diet. When you increase malate levels, you increase energy production. Therefore, citrulline malate provides the one-two punch of bringing additional blood (and subsequently, oxygen and nutrients) to exercising muscles, as well as providing increased energy to boost performance levels.

Furthermore, citrulline improves the efficiency of the urea cycle. The urea cycle is a system in the liver that converts nitrogenous wastes into urea and eliminates them from the body. This is important for eliminating ammonia and toxic nitrogen metabolites. When you exercise, the generation of ammonia increases fatigue and reduces glycogen (the stores we use for energy). Improving the system for removing those waste products can improve exercise performance. As you exercise your muscles, they burn from lactic acid buildup. Citrulline also helps eliminate that burn, allowing you to push your body longer and harder.

Citrulline Malate Benefits Include:

- Improve blood flow
- Increase nitric oxide production
- Improve oxygen delivery to muscles
- Amplify energy levels
- Increase peak power and training volume
- Enhance recovery
- Increase endurance
- Delay muscle fatigue

Beta-Alanine - 4,000mg

Beta-alanine is one of the most used and professional-commended supplements to athletes and professionals to enhance the capacity to exercise and train, build lean muscle mass, and improve physical function. When beta-alanine is introduced into the body, it combines with histidine to produce carnosine, which helps reduce fatigue and improve overall physical performance, among other benefits.
In fact, beta-alanine is the limiting amino acid in carnosine synthesis, meaning that its presence in the bloodstream is directly tied to muscle carnosine levels. The resulting carnosine then acts as lactic acid buffer for our muscles (Lactic acid buildup is the burning sensation you feel during an exercise due to not enough oxygen available to complete the process, so a substance called lactate is made). which provides numerous benefits, including increases in work capacity, reducing muscle fatigue, increasing peak power output, and boosting overall athletic performance. These sensational benefits are the reason why Beta-Alanine is a pre-workout staple and a very well-known ingredient.
4,000mg of beta-alanine is above the  clinical and scientifically substantiated dosage, and will provide substantial benefits in increasing time to muscle exhaustion, increasing muscle endurance, delaying muscle fatigue, and buffering lactic acid so you can push your body longer and harder every workout.

Beta-Alanine Benefits Include:

- Increases time to exhaustion
- Boosts endurance
- Delays muscle fatigue
- Enhances muscle strength
- Helps preserve muscle mass
- Enables greater training volume
- Sharpens mental clarity and focus

- Increases muscle growth

BetaPure™ Betaine Anhydrous - 2,500mg

Betaine Anhydrous is an extremely popular pre-workout supplement that’s earned quite a positive reputation among bodybuilders and athletes. 

Much like creatine, betaine is an osmolyte, meaning it increases cellular water retention through osmosis. This gives betaine the distinct ability to cause muscle fibers to swell, which will also stimulate muscle protein synthesis, promoting muscle growth.

These increases in cell volumization and muscle cell uptake can significantly increase anaerobic power aka strength gains, as well as improve both endurance and power/force output. Simply put, betaine pulls water into the muscle cells. This increases muscle fullness or volume. This process is also called water-based pumps.

Betaine anhydrous also has the beneficial effect of supporting healthy homocysteine levels.* High homocysteine levels have been shown to impair insulin signaling, which can interfere with muscle growth and fat loss. And finally, betaine supplementation has also been suggested to raise levels of S-adenosylmethionine, also known as SAMe. Having healthy levels of SAMe supports positive mood, promote liver health, and aid joint recovery.

Betaine Anhydrous Benefits Include:

- Enhance strength levels
- Boost power/force output
- Increase cellular hydration
- Boost muscle endurance
- Promotes faster muscle growth
- Increase capacity to perform anaerobic work

Taurine - 1,300mg

Taurine is a powerful amino acid and is the second most abundant amino acid in the body. The body makes it by breaking down the amino acid cysteine. Most notably Taurine has been shown to contain properties that assist in the regulation of muscular contraction and force during strength and aerobic activity. In particular, Taurine acts to increase muscle force production and enhance fatigue resistance from severe high intensity exercise by increasing the efficiency of the heart (stroke volume) and maintaining cell volume (osmoregulation). Much like Betaine Anhydrous, it's also an osmolyte that will increase cell volumization and muscle cell uptake, and boost cellular hydration.

1,300mg of Taurine is a clinical dose that will provide some monstrous benefits such as increased power/force output, enhanced muscle contractions, improvements in stamina and endurance, increased cellular hydration, accelerated recovery, increased cognitive function (focus, concentration, memory, learning), and supports central nervous system function.

Taurine Benefits Include:

- Optimize force production, strength, and muscular power
- Increase cellular hydration
- Maximize muscle contractions
- Improve stamina and endurance
- Accelerate recovery
- Increase focus, concentration, and memory

L-Tyrosine - 1,000mg

L-Tyrosine is one of the most popular ingredients in pre-workouts these days, and for very good reason. 

L-Tyrosine is a natural form non essential amino acid formed from phenylalanine, that helps to replenish norepinephrine and is used to produce epinephrine and dopamine two brain chemicals that influence mood and reduce stress. It has been shown in clinical studies to effectively improve cognition in the presence of an acute stressor, typically high intensity exercise such as bodybuilding, football training, crossfit, etc.

1,000mg is a clinical dose of L-Tyrosine and will trigger several of our “feel-good” neurotransmitters, including norepinephrine and dopamine. This will greatly enhance a sense of well being, boost mood, and drastically increase mental alertness and focus. As an added bonus, it can also lower anxiety and stress so nothing will stand in your way from demolishing every session!

L-Tyrosine Benefits Include:

Improve alertness and enhance cognitive performance
- Reduce stress and anxiety
- Improve mood 
- Boost motivation
- Increase mental focus and clarity
- Improve muscle strength
- Increase anaerobic power

AlphaSize® Alpha GPC - 300mg

Alpha Glycerylphosphorylcholine better known as Alpha GPC is a form of choline that is used for enhancing cognitive performance and increasing power output via its influence on growth hormone production. Alpha GPC quickly crosses the blood-brain barrier where it protects neurons and improves brain function and learning processes. Specifically by mechanism of action, Alpha GPC directly increases the synthesis and secretion of acetylcholine (which is a vastly important neurotransmitter present in both brain and muscle tissue) better than any other choline related compound, influencing both system-wide and brain concentrations of choline.

All athletic research performed with Alpha GPC has proven to benefit cognitive performance (memory, learning, recall, focus, and repetitive tasking) and also to benefit physical performance, including power output, force development, strength, jumping, and agility. In addition some studies have found that Alpha GPC has the ability to enhance acute growth hormone production. An increase in growth hormone production and power output has the ability to increase muscle mass and improve overall metabolic activity resulting in improved body composition. It has even been shown to help improve video game performance. Major plus for all you gamers out there who also love to lift!

Alpha GPC Benefits Include:

- Improve cognitive performance
- Enhance mental focus and clarity
- Increase power output
- Increase lean muscle mass
- Boost force development
- Improve agility

Caffeine Anhydrous - 275mg

Caffeine is without a doubt the most known and utilized stimulant in the world. Caffeine occurs naturally in plants such as coffee beans, tea, and cacao, which is the source of cocoa for chocolate. It's a CNS (Central Nervous System) stimulant that has been shown to reduce feelings of fatigue, increase energy levels, heighten mental alertness, lower perceived exertion, and even lower levels of perceived pain.
Caffeine also improves mental acuity and sharpness, helps maintain laser-like focus, and even improves some technical skills both during and after strenuous activity. And, if that isn't enough, it's also believed to enhance the body's ability to use its own fat as fuel, which can effectively increase the time to exhaustion in endurance events. 

Caffeine Anhydrous Benefits Include:

- Increased mental alertness and energy levels 
Caffeine works in the brain as a central nervous system (CNS) stimulant, so when I say energy, I mean alertness. Caffeine blocks certain receptors in the brain that increase levels of epinephrine, adrenaline, and dopamine. Blocking these receptors in the brain gives you that drive you feel—and a bit of euphoria—when you consume caffeine before a workout
- Increased Strength and Power
The nerves that activate muscle fibers, once stimulated by caffeine, activate those muscle fibers with greater force. More force equals more strength, which is why caffeine can increase your strength during a workout.
- Enhanced Muscular Endurance
Caffeine increases endurance in several ways. The first is by increasing fat burning during workouts. When you train with caffeine, you burn more fat. This spares muscle glycogen, which means you have more energy later in the workout, when you need it most. Another way caffeine can improve endurance is by boosting nitric oxide levels. That's right, research shows that caffeine can enhance vasodilation, the term for the widening of blood vessels. This allows more blood to flow to the muscles, which in turn delivers more oxygen and more nutrients, resulting in greater overall endurance.
- Reduced Muscle Soreness
Believe it or not, research shows that caffeine works incredibly well for helping ease muscle soreness by altering your perceived exertion during your workouts. With less muscle soreness, you can go harder, perhaps banging out a few extra reps you probably wouldn't have gotten if that muscle soreness was too much. More reps equals more work done by your muscles, and that equals better results.

L-Theanine - 300mg

L-Theanine is a compound that occurs naturally in green tea and black tea. It has numerous positive effects on our bodies, including positively affecting serotonin and dopamine which influence mood, sleep, emotion, and cortisol, which helps the body deal with stress. Due to its ability to affect brain function, L-Theanine is actually considered a nootropic amino acid.
Specifically, L-Theanine works to block the binding of L-Glutamic Acid to Glutamate receptors in the brain, which results in the release of specific neurotransmitters that work to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. When used along with caffeine, L-Theanine helps attenuate some of the stimulating effects of caffeine. The result is an increase in energy and tremendous focus without the jittery side effects and crash associated with high levels of caffeine.
When used before exercise, L-Theanine has been clinically proven to improve reaction times and reduce feelings of tiredness and mental fatigue. These effects are of course highly desirable for athletes competing in high stress, performance based sports, hence L-Theanine has become extremely popular with not only elite professional athletes, but with many everyday gym goers as well.

L-Theanine Benefits Include: 

- Increase focus and attention
- Reduce stress and anxiety
- Enhance sleep quality
- Improve mood and boost motivation
- Enhance mind-to-muscle connections
- Improve reaction time
- Reduce fatigue
- Increase energy without jitters or crashing

Theobromine - 50mg

Theobromine is a bitter, volatile compound obtained from cacao seeds. It’s technically an alkaloid compound (meaning a nitrogen-atom containing chemical) that resembles caffeine and has similar effects, but it also provides vasodilation effects, and hence improved oxygen transport. When combined, caffeine and theobromine act synergistically to improve workout performance and intensity.
Theobromine and caffeine are similarly constructed types of pharmacologically active chemicals but with noticeably different effects. Theobromine is gentle, mild, has a slow onset, and is long lasting, whereas caffeine is intense, strong, fast acting, and short lived. While these two compounds have similar effects, the key difference is that caffeine has an effect on the central nervous system and theobromine most significantly affects smooth muscle. This provides a smooth long-lasting energy source that comes with zero crash!

Theobromine Benefits Include:

Enhance Cognitive Function
Mitigates Oxidative Stress 
- Improve blood flow
- Improve oxygen transport to boost stamina and endurance
- Smooth and sustaining energy
- Boost workout performance

AstraGin™ - 50mg

AstraGin is a 100% natural compound that increases absorption of many vital nutrients and that promotes a healthy gut environment. The absorption of nutrients in your body is controlled by transporter proteins. These protein compounds are regulated by mRNA, a molecule that receives and encodes a chemical message for protein products. AstraGin increases the “transporters” and “mRNA” in your body, which are chemicals that work out a number of nutrients absorbed into the cells in your intestines.
Most nutrient absorption takes place in the small intestines. Amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and many other nutrients are taken up from the intestines into the blood via transporter proteins. AstraGin has the ability to positively upregulate these transporter proteins. In fact, AstraGin has been shown in multiple in-vivo studies to increase the absorption of amino acids, such as arginine, lysine, citrulline, and histidine. These studies have also shown AstraGin can increase the absorption of amino acids such citrulline by up to 43 percent and vitamins such as folate by up to 50 percent. AstraGin has even been shown to improve ATP (energy) production by up to 18 percent!

AstraGin™ Benefits Include:

- Increase absorption of other ingredients to maximize benefits
Support increased lean muscle and strength
Increase power output and training volume
Improve athletic performance
Promote higher levels of mitochondrial ATP

Infinergy™ (DiCaffeine Malate) - 30mg

Di-Caffeine Malate, also known as Infinergy, is composed of two separate caffeine molecules that are bound with malic acid. Infinergy contains approximately 75% caffeine and 25% malic acid by molecular weight. The malic acid in Infinergy works to buffer the salts in caffeine, allowing for easier digestion whilst also replenishing the energy produced by caffeine, which helps to minimize the dreaded post-caffeine energy "crash".
Infinergy helps to reduce fatigue, improve concentration, increase physical performance & boost thermogensis. In particular, it reduces sedation and relaxation by inhibiting the production of Adenosine, a chemical associated with sleep. This results in an increase in wakefulness, focus, better body coordination and an increase in performance in cardiovascular and anaerobic exercise.

Infinergy™ (DiCaffeine Malate) Benefits Include:

- Increase mental focus 
Smooth and sustaining energy
- Boost endurance
- Reduce muscle fatigue
- Helps alleviate jitters and crashing

Boron (as Boron Citrate) - 3mg

Boron is a crucial trace mineral that can help your body in a number of ways, and frankly isn't discussed enough, nor get the respect it deserves for its enormous benefits. For one thing, it does play an important role in human nutrition by regulating how the body uses other nutrients, including vitamin D, calcium and magnesium. All three are vital for bone health, and boron may be too.
Multiple studies have also shown that supplementing with Boron Citrate can have a beneficial impact on the body’s use of testosterone, estrogen and vitamin D. These are all critical components to muscle growth. Boron has been found to decrease SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin). Now, this is fantastic news for your testosterone levels because SHBG’s job is to bind to sex hormones (testosterone), making them inactive and unable to produce their effects.
By reducing the amount of SHBG in your blood, this allows you to safely increase your testosterone levels, as you won’t have to worry about it all binding to SHBG. Instead, this testosterone will become ‘free testosterone’ which can be used to boost muscle growth, recovery, and development, as well as increase your strength.  In other words, this handy mineral can optimize your health and well-being without a doubt, and give your body the freedom to maximize on what testosterone does best.

Boron Benefits Include:

- Help increase bone strength and density
- Increase natural testosterone levels
- Improve muscle recovery
- Improve muscle coordination
- Help relieve and prevent arthritis

What Flavors Does Transparent Labs Bulk Black Come In? 

Bulk Black is currently available in a mega delicious Black Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Sour Gummy, Peach Mango, and Cherry Kiwi.


Clean and smooth energy that will power you through every workout with no crash or jitters... intense tunnel vision focus that keeps you dialed in for the entirety of the training session/workout... relentless endurance so you can push your body longer and harder... boost strength and power to new heights... extreme muscle fullness... increase training volume capabilities for increased muscle growth... improve mood and motivation so you feel like decimating every workout... every set... every rep... Bulk Black by Transparent Labs!

Transparent Labs Bulk Black 30srv

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