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Inspired Nutraceuticals: Innovation and dedication to providing the highest quality supplements to athletes of all levels!

Inspired Nutraceuticals: Innovation and dedication to providing the highest quality supplements to athletes of all levels!

Inspired Nutraceuticals is widely known in the sports nutrition world for their innovative formulas and ultra-high quality supplements. They've delivered masterpiece after masterpiece with their DVST8 pre-workouts, which set a new standard for "all-inclusive" pre-workout formulas, and their extremely innovative CR-3, Amino EAA + Hydration, and FSU Serum performance enhancing products. We'll talk more in depth on these products later in this blog.

Inspired was born from years of research and countless hours dedicated to understanding what an athlete needs. They've always had an innate desire to help athletes of all levels achieve their goals, whether they are looking to build muscle, lose weight, or simply improve their overall health and well-being. With a wide range of supplements with incredibly innovative formulas, from powerful and extremely effective pre-workout formulas, to ultra high quality and delicious protein powders, to clinically dosed fat burners and recovery supplements, Inspired truly has a product that can aid every athlete, helping them perform at their peak!

On top of the innovative and ultra high quality formulas, Inspired Nutraceuticals has also always had a strong belief in transparency and honesty when it comes to their products. That's why every single product comes with detailed information about the ingredients in their supplements, as well as the extensive research and studies that back up their effectiveness.

To take quality and effectiveness a step further, Inspired also has a dedicated team of athletes and fitness experts who use their products and provide feedback to help their team of experts continually improve formulations and ensure they are providing the best possible supplements to their customers.

In addition to the strong commitment to quality and transparency, Inspired is also dedicated to giving back to the community, with a  believe that it is important to support the athletes and fitness enthusiasts who use our products, as well as the larger community of people who are passionate about health and wellness. To this end, they actually partner with a variety of organizations and charities that are dedicated to promoting health and fitness, as well as supporting individuals and communities in need.

Overall, Inspired Nutraceuticals is a brand that is built on integrity, passion, and knowledge, with a persistent commitment to providing the highest quality supplements to athletes of all levels, and dedication to supporting the larger community of people who are passionate about health and wellness.

Today, we're going to take an in-depth look into the innovation Inspired delivers again and again, reviewing their most popular and innovative products, and how they can help you achieve your own fitness and wellness goals!


CR-3 Nitrates

CR-3 has been one of Inspired's most popular and revolutionary products since it's inception. The original formula boasted 2 grams of creatine hydrochloride, along with 750 mg of Agmatine Sulfate to induce muscle pumps and boost nitric oxide production, and the duo AstraGin and ActiGin to increase absorption and endurance. This formula quickly grew in popularity, and became a staple for gym goers and athletes of all levels for ramping up exercise performance in the gym and on the field.

The newest version of CR-3 -- CR-3 Nitrates - takes a powerful dose of creatine nitrate at 2,500mg and combines it with two very synergistic support ingredients in AstraGin and Senactiv. These additions not only help to enhance creatine absorption and further boost ATP levels, but also provides 2 additional benefits that make this formula truly exceptional and unique - enhanced VO2 max and muscular endurance support!

We're already seeing some amazing benefits and attributes of this incredible formulation, but wait... there's more. With the new addition of Creatine Nitrate (as NO3-T®), CR3 will drastically increase nitric oxide production to increase blood flow, and oxygen and nutrient delivery to muscles. Massive muscle pumps on top of help building lean muscle mass, regenerating cells, ramping up strength and power, pushing ATP regeneration to its absolute maximum allowing you to train longer and harder, all while boosting endurance, explosiveness, and the amount of oxygen your body can utilize during exercise... you can bet that the newest formula will continue to be a staple for gym goers and athletes across the world.

What are the advantages of creatine nitrate over regular creatine monohydrate?

Creatine nitrate is a relatively new form of creatine which is derived from the molecule that delivers creatine monohydrate. By binding the creatine to a nitrate molecular structure rather than to a monohydrate, creatine will be more soluble and therefore increase the absorbency rate, making it more readily accessible.

The chemical properties of creatine nitrate combine two powerful effects that improve the overall effect of creatine as a sports nutrition supplement. As I mentioned at the beginning of this blog, creatine is widely known as the number 1 supplement in the world for strength training and to help build lean muscle mass. Nitrates have been increasingly viewed and studied as offering an even greater boost to the effect of other sports supplements (including creatine).

Nitrates have the distinct ability to reduce oxygen depletion and therefore help you train longer and harder. Nitrates can also increase energy supplies to muscles for increased performance. By binding creatine to nitrates rather than monohydrates, this delivers a double punch for increasing training abilities and increasing athletic performance.  

Several studies have demonstrated that this double punch does in fact work. The effects of creatine toward reducing fatigue, building muscle mass, and increasing performance were increased with the addition of nitrates. The effect of nitrates of boosting mitochondrial energy levels served to enhance the already powerful effects of creatine. Overall, these studies found that participants were able to sustain high-intensity training and athletic performance at higher degrees with the use of creatine nitrate. Moreover, these studies also found the benefits of both creatine and nitrates were enhanced when taken together and showed greater effects than when they are taken independently. 

Creatine Nitrate as NO3-T is also an incredibly powerful nitric oxide booster that comes along with a long list of other workout and fitness benefits. When you think of your standard vasodilation/nitric oxide boosting ingredients (such as Arginine and Citrulline), you may be able to get through your workout before the effects start to fade, but when you use a potent ingredient like NO3-T, the effects can last as long as eight hours or more. Can you imagine walking around looking swole with a pump for most of your day? Heads are going to be turning left and right, and don’t be surprised when your friends, family, and coworkers start asking what you’re taking.

Key benefits of CR-3 Nitrates

• Enhance strength and power levels

• Increase explosiveness and athletic performance

• Boost VO2 max for increased time to failure

• Maximize ATP production 

• Train longer and harder so you can keep pushing your limits

• Massive muscle pumps and increase in nitric oxide blood levels from the high dose of nitrates

Enhance building lean muscle mass



CR-3 Nitrates 120Caps


FSU Serum

FSU Serum is the latest revolutionary supplement by Inspired Nutraceuticals, designed to help athletes achieve their maximum potential during workouts. The key ingredient in this product is clinical-grade GlycoClear Glycerol, which is 99.7% pure. This high level of purity means that instead of just sitting in your stomach like a sandcastle, FSU Serum helps shuttle water directly into your muscles (AND FAST!!), giving you the hydration you need to perform at your best.

But FSU Serum doesn't just stop there. It also contains patented NO3-T Nitrates, which have been shown to improve blood flow and enhance muscle pumps. And with a massive 2,000mg of Betaine Nitrate, FSU Serum delivers even more power to your workouts, helping you push harder and achieve more.

As we discussed above with CR-3 Nitrates, nitrates have the distinct ability to reduce oxygen depletion, therefore helping you train longer and harder, and also increase energy supplies to muscles for increased performance. This very potent combination of nitrates and trademarked glycerol give FSU Serum a powerhouse duo of massive pumps and peak performance!

What sets FSU Serum apart from other supplements on the market is the science and research behind it. Every ingredient in FSU Serum has been carefully chosen and tested to ensure that it delivers real results. And with Inspired Nutraceuticals' commitment to transparency and honesty, you can be sure that you're getting a high-quality product that is backed by science and clinical research. With its powerful blend of ingredients and proven results, it's no wonder why FSU Serum is quickly becoming one of the most popular pre-workout supplements on the market.

Key benefits of FSU Serum

  • Creates a hyper-hydrated state through intracellular hydration
  • Enhance strength and raw power 
  • Prolong athletic endurance
  • Accelerate recovery
  • Reduce oxygen depletion for increased time to muscle failure

FSU Serum 32srv


DVST8 Of The Union

DVST8 of the Union was formulated with one amazing goal in mind: to maximize athletic/exercise performance and help you perform at peak intensity every workout. This astounding formulation starts off with the Endless Endurance Matrix (this rightfully named and I'll explain why in just a moment). First, you get the tingles from the Beta-Alanine that hit you right away and are very apparent, which I personally love, then the combination of Creatine Monohydrate, L-Glutamine, and Epicatechin kicks in which increases overall workload volume capabilities, workout performance, and nitric oxide production. This specific combination dramatically boosts endurance so you can keep pushing at max intensity for the duration of your whole workout.

Next we have the SR2 Code-Stimulated Reality and T'Was All in the Veins matrixes and this is where the fun really begins! These matrixes combine a very potent and specific blend of stimulants, nootropics, and vasodilators at clinical doses to maximize energy levels, drastically boost mental clarity and focus, and flood the muscles with fresh blood, oxygen, and nutrients leaving you with the feeling of a Demi-God in the gym. Endurance that never ends, god-like energy, unparalleled focus and mind-to-muscle connections, and out of this world muscle pumps: DVST8 of the Union!

Key benefits of DVST8 of the Union

  • God-like energy 
  • Drastically boost muscular endurance
  • Maximize workout volume capabilities so you can push longer and harder
  • Out of this world muscle pumps
  • Insane focus and mind-to-muscle connections

DVST8 Of The Union 40srv


DVST8 Global

DVST8 Global is a groundbreaking pre-workout that is changing the game for athletes around the world. This is the first pre-workout in history to utilize 3D PUMP Breakthrough technology, which delivers increased vasodilation, strength, and power for truly explosive workouts. But that's not all – DVST8 Global also contains NO-3T nitrates, which improve blood flow and enhance muscle pumps, as well as Peak O2 adaptogenic mushrooms, CoLEAN, and more.

As you can see, nitrates are a staple in most of Inspired's performance enhancing products. This is not just by coincidence! Nitrates are that beneficial for athletic performance with the benefits of increasing blood flow and oxygen delivery to muscles, enhancing endurance and power output, reducing fatigue, and accelerating muscle recovery.

One other ingredient in this innovative formula that we have to discuss is Peak O2! Peak O2 is a blend of adaptogenic mushrooms that is designed to increase endurance, power, and performance during exercise. This unique ingredient has been shown in numerous clinical studies to improve oxygen uptake, reduce fatigue, peak power output, and enhance recovery, making it a popular choice for athletes who want to take their training to the next level.

With this comprehensive blend of ingredients, DVST8 Global provides sustained energy, laser-like focus, more strength and power, and massive muscle pumps to help athletes of all levels achieve peak performance.

Key benefits of DVST8 Global

* High-impact energy with zero mid or post-workout crash

* Improve VO2 max, time to exhaustion, power output, ventilatory threshold, and workout capacity

* Enhance athletic performance 

* Increase endurance, strength, power, and force production

* Massive muscle pumps

DVST8 Global 40srv


Amino EAA + Hydration

Amino EAA + Hydration is an anabolic powerhouse that's potently dosed with all nine Essential Amino Acids, contains clinical doses of both Betaine Anhydrous and Taurine, and is formulated with Aquamin, Pink Himalayan Salt, and electrolytes to help improve overall athletic performance, enhance muscle tissue growth, preserve lean muscle tissue, boost endurance, strength, and power, and even help with better sleep quality. This formula is an athlete's dream, helping you achieve your physique and fitness goals faster than you've ever imagined!

Imagine... optimizing muscle protein synthesis and maximizing anabolic potential for improved muscle growth... increasing muscular endurance and decrease muscle fatigue so you can push longer and harder for better results... preserving lean muscle tissue when dieting down and stripping away body fat... enhancing muscular recovery and decrease muscle soreness so you can train at peak intensity every session... improving sleep quality so you wake up feeling rejuvenated and ready to conquer the day... improving hydration for better performance and peak muscle contractions... increasing power output and cell hydration so you can push optimal weights for better results.

Most of us are familiar with EAAs, but what about Betaine Anhydrous and Taurine? How do they benefit athletes and performance? Glad you asked!!

Betaine Anhydrous

Betaine Anhydrous has gained a mountainous amount of traction as one of the most popular and best pre-workout ingredients currently available, and for very good reason! All of the data on Betaine Anhydrous indicates that it helps increase muscle strength and size, and improve muscle recovery from exercise induced stress.

Betaine Anhydrous is an osmolyte, meaning it increases cellular water retention through osmosis. This gives Betaine Anhydrous the distinct ability to cause muscle fibers to swell, which will also stimulate muscle protein synthesis, promoting muscle growth. These increases in cell volumization and muscle cell uptake can significantly increase anaerobic power aka strength gains, as well as improve both endurance and power/force output. Simply put, Betaine Anhydrous pulls water into the muscle cells. This increases muscle fullness or volume. This process is also called water-based pumps.


Taurine is a powerful and very abundant amino acid. In fact, it is the second most abundant amino acid in the body's muscle behind glutamine. It is highly present in the brain and spinal cord, leukocytes, heart and muscle cells, the retina, and indeed almost every tissue throughout the body. Taurine exists in very high concentration in the brain and plays a neuromodulatory role in this area.

The body makes Taurine by breaking down the amino acid cysteine. It is shown to enhance muscle contraction to boost power and rid the muscle of lactic acid, improving recovery. Much like Betaine Anhydrous, it's also an osmolyte that will increase cell volumization and muscle cell uptake, and boost cellular hydration.


1,000 mg of Taurine is a clinical dose that will provide some monstrous benefits such as increased power/force output, enhanced muscle contractions, improvements in stamina and endurance, increased cellular hydration, accelerated recovery, increased cognitive function (focus, concentration, memory, learning), and supports central nervous system function.

Key benefits of Amino EAA + Hydration

  • Stimulate muscle protein synthesis for improved muscle growth

  • Increase muscular endurance and delay muscle fatigue
  • Enhance muscular recovery and decrease muscle soreness
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Improve hydration for better performance
  • Increase power output and cell hydration

Inspired Amino EAA + Hydration 30srv



In conclusion, Inspired Nutraceuticals' products are specifically designed to help athletes achieve their goals by providing premium and innovative supplements that are crafted with integrity, passion, and knowledge. Whether you're looking for sick muscle pumps in the gym, take strength and power levels to new heights, ramp up the muscle building process, crush a new 1 rep max, enhance endurance for swimming, running, etc.., or improve overall performance, Inspired Nutraceuticals has a range of groundbreaking products that can help take your training to the next level!

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