DVST8 Of The Union 40srv

DVST8 Of The Union 40srv

DVST8 Of The Union 40srv

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DVST8 of the Union was formulated with one amazing goal in mind: to maximize athletic/exercise performance and help you perform at peak intensity every workout. This astounding formulation starts off with the Endless Endurance Matrix (this rightfully named and I'll explain why in just a moment). First, you get the tingles from the Beta-Alanine that hit you right away and are very apparent, which I personally love, then the combination of Creatine Monohydrate, L-Glutamine, and Epicatechin kicks in which increases overall workload volume capabilities, workout performance, and nitric oxide production. This specific combination dramatically boosts endurance so you can keep pushing at max intensity for the duration of your whole workout.

Next we have the SR2 Code-Stimulated Reality and T'Was All in the Veins matrixes and this is where the fun really begins! These matrixes combine a very potent and specific blend of stimulants, nootropics, and vasodilators at clinical doses to maximize energy levels, drastically boost mental clarity and focus, and flood the muscles with fresh blood, oxygen, and nutrients leaving you with the feeling of a Demi-God in the gym. Endurance that never ends, god-like energy, unparalleled focus and mind-to-muscle connections, and out of this world muscle pumps: DVST8 of the Union!

* God-like energy 

* Drastically boost muscular endurance

* Maximize workout volume capabilities so you can push longer and harder

* Out of this world muscle pumps

* Insane focus and mind-to-muscle connections

Directions: Mix one serving (1 scoop) in 8-10oz. of water 30-45 minutes before workout. Do not exceed 2 scoops in a 24-hour period.


Pre-workout Intensity

High Stim

Moderate Stim

Low Stim

No Stim

High Stim

Extreme energy providing peak intensity for those who love the "hyped" feeling

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