DVST8 Global 40srv

DVST8 Global 40srv

DVST8 Global 40srv

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Whether you're a seasoned veteran in the gym, an elite athlete, everyday gym-goer, weekend warrior, or a pure newbie to the gym, from time to time we can all use a little inspiration or motivation to smash our workouts! Inspired Nutraceuticals is known for their innovative products and formulas, and they did not disappoint with their newest pre-workout. Imagine... Relentless energy that sustains throughout the workout so you can perform at peak intensity every session... massive muscle pumps that will have your muscles swelled up like a balloon... laser like focus for outstanding mind-to-muscle connections... endless endurance so you can push your body to the absolute max... vast improvements in VO2 max, time to exhaustion, power output, ventilatory threshold, and workout capacity... 

Wait... all of these benefits in one pre-workout formula? Sounds like a pipe dream or simply wishful thinking right? With Inspired Nutraceuticals newest formulation, it is no longer just an illusion, but a breakthrough in pre-workout technology! Welcome to the ultimate pre-workout experience... Introducing DVST8 Global!

* High-impact energy with zero mid or post-workout crash

* Improve VO2 max, time to exhaustion, power output, ventilatory threshold, and workout capacity

* Enhance athletic performance 

* Increase endurance, strength, power, and force production

* Massive muscle pumps

Directions: Mix one serving (1 scoop) in 8-10 ounces of water 30 minutes before workout. Advanced users can take 2 scoops.


Pre-workout Intensity

High Stim

Moderate Stim

Low Stim

No Stim

High Stim

Extreme energy providing peak intensity for those who love the "hyped" feeling

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