DVST8 Dark: 2 Innovative Versions for Optimal Performance and Intensity

by Josh Davis

Inspired Nutraceuticals has made a massive name for itself in the world of innovative pre-workout formula, and their flagship product, DVST8, has been a top contender in the market for years. DVST8 has been a dominant force in the pre-workout market, consistently ranking at the top of the charts and winning accolades for its effectiveness. With each new iteration, Inspired Nutraceuticals has raised the bar, refining the formula and fine-tuning the ingredients to deliver optimal performance enhancement.

DVST8 Dark is the latest evolution of this powerful pre-workout, promising even greater benefits and a new level of intensity. This pre-workout comes in two distinct formulas, each designed to optimize performance in its own unique way. One is formulated with the key purpose of optimizing peak performance for every workout and lifters of all levels. The 2nd formula -- The Kayla Rossi Signature Edition is designed to drastically boost as performance as well, but also contains a comprehensive formula for enhancing weight loss and fat burning, making it a true fully-loaded pre-workout and fat burner combo!

In this comprehensive review, we will explore the features and benefits of DVST8 Dark, including its two formulas aimed at optimizing peak performance and maximizing weight loss effects of exercise as well. I know you're as stoked as we are about this epic new drop from Inspired, so let's get right to it!

DVST8 Dark: Fully Dosed Pre-workout Experience for Peak Performance

DVST8 Dark boasts a comprehensive formula that is tailored to optimize peak performance. Each ingredient was specifically selected due to the extensive research and clinical studies showcasing their effectiveness and providing maximum benefits in terms of energy, focus, and performance. In true Inspired fashion, they've formulated each ingredient with effective and clinical dosing peaking out the benefits of each ingredient for a true experience of peak performance! For those looking to ramp up the intensity and conquer every workout, this is one you're definitely gonna want to get your hands on!!

Now, let's take a closer look at this fully-loaded formula and how it can help you hit your peak performance in the gym!

DVST8 Dark

• L-Citrulline - 6.66 grams

L-Citrulline takes center stage in DVST8 Dark with an impressive and devilish dose of 6.66 grams. This amino acid has gained mass recognition for its ability to enhance nitric oxide production, leading to powerful muscle pumps and improved blood flow. By increasing the availability of nitric oxide, L-Citrulline promotes vasodilation, allowing for more efficient nutrient and oxygen delivery to working muscles. This not only enhances endurance but also contributes to a satisfying "pump" sensation that bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts crave during their workouts. With its substantial dosage in DVST8 Dark, L-Citrulline ensures that you'll experience enhanced vascularity, improved muscle fullness, and increased nutrient uptake for optimal performance.

• NO3-T Arginine Nitrate - 2 grams

As you can see, DVST8 Dark doesn't hold back when it comes to delivering powerful pumps and performance, and the inclusion of NO3-T Arginine Nitrate at a generous 2 grams is a testament to that. Arginine nitrate is a cutting-edge ingredient that combines the benefits of L-arginine and nitrate to provide exceptional vasodilation and performance-enhancing effects. By increasing nitric oxide production, NO3-T promotes the dilation of blood vessels, allowing for improved blood flow to the working muscles. This increased blood flow delivers more oxygen and essential nutrients to the muscles, enhancing endurance and reducing fatigue during intense workouts.

Get ready to experience mind-blowing pumps and unleash your full peak potential!

• Beta-Alanine - 3.2 grams

Beta-alanine is another key ingredient in DVST8 Dark, and with a clinical dosage of 3.2 grams, it demonstrates Inspired Nutraceuticals' commitment to providing a pre-workout formula that enhances performance. Beta-alanine is known for its ability to increase intramuscular carnosine levels, a compound that helps buffer lactic acid build-up during intense exercise. By buffering lactic acid, beta-alanine helps delay the onset of muscle fatigue, allowing you to push through those challenging sets and perform at a higher intensity for a longer duration. This means you can squeeze out those extra reps and achieve greater overall workout volume, leading to better muscle growth and improved performance.

• Naringin (Citrus Maxima) - 20mg

Naringin, sourced from Citrus maxima, is a flavonoid compound included in DVST8 Dark at a dosage of 20mg. Naringin is known for its potential health benefits, including antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. As an antioxidant, naringin helps combat free radicals in the body, which can contribute to oxidative stress and cellular damage. By reducing oxidative stress, naringin may support overall well-being and help protect against various chronic diseases.

In addition to its antioxidant effects, naringin has been studied for its potential impact on exercise performance and metabolism. It may help enhance endurance and exercise capacity by improving energy metabolism and reducing fatigue. Naringin has also been associated with increased fat oxidation, which can aid in weight management and body composition goals. With 20mg of naringin in DVST8 Dark, you can benefit from its potential antioxidant effects, support your exercise performance, and potentially aid in your weight management journey.

• Caffeine Anhydrous - 400mg

Caffeine anhydrous is a well-known and widely used stimulant, and DVST8 Dark includes a substantial dose of 400mg to deliver intense energy and focus. Caffeine acts on the central nervous system, stimulating the release of adrenaline and increasing alertness and mental clarity. By blocking adenosine receptors in the brain, caffeine helps reduce feelings of fatigue and drowsiness, keeping you energized and mentally sharp during your workouts. With 400mg of caffeine anhydrous, DVST8 Dark provides a strong and reliable energy boost that can help you power through even the most grueling training sessions.

In addition to its stimulating effects, caffeine anhydrous has been shown to have positive impacts on exercise performance. It can enhance endurance, allowing you to push harder and perform at a higher intensity for a longer period of time.

• L-Tyrosine - 1 gram

Tyrosine plays a crucial role in enhancing cognitive function and mental focus during intense training sessions. With a dosage of 1 gram, Inspired Nutraceuticals ensures that you receive the full benefits of this powerful amino acid. Tyrosine is a precursor to neurotransmitters such as dopamine and norepinephrine, which are involved in regulating mood, motivation, and cognitive processes. By increasing the availability of these neurotransmitters, tyrosine promotes mental clarity, alertness, and focus, enabling you to stay in the zone and perform at your best.

The demands of intense workouts can often lead to mental fatigue and a decrease in cognitive performance. However, with the inclusion of 1 gram of tyrosine in DVST8 Dark, you can combat these effects and maintain a sharp mind throughout your training session. Tyrosine also has the potential to enhance mood and reduce stress, contributing to an overall positive mindset during your workouts. Whether you're lifting weights, engaging in high-intensity cardio, or participating in competitive sports, the presence of tyrosine in DVST8 Dark will help you stay mentally engaged, focused, and ready to conquer any challenge that comes your way.

NeuroCap (Baikal Skullcap) - 150mg

NeuroCap, also known as Baikal Skullcap, is a unique ingredient featured in DVST8 Dark, offering its remarkable cognitive benefits. With a dosage of 150mg, Inspired Nutraceuticals ensures that you can experience the full advantages of this powerful extract. Baikal Skullcap has a long history of use in traditional Chinese medicine for its calming and relaxing properties. In DVST8 Dark, it serves to support mental clarity, promote relaxation, and enhance overall cognitive performance. By reducing mental stress and promoting a sense of calmness, NeuroCap helps you maintain focus and concentration, allowing you to perform at your best during intense workouts.

In addition to its calming effects, Baikal Skullcap has been studied for its potential cognitive benefits. It has been shown to have neuroprotective properties and may help improve memory and learning abilities. By supporting brain health and function, NeuroCap in DVST8 Dark ensures that your mind remains sharp and alert throughout your training session.

• Luciferine (Lotus Leaf Extract) - 100mg

Luciferine, derived from Lotus Leaf Extract, is a notable ingredient in DVST8 Dark that contributes to its powerful effects on energy and focus. With a dose of 100mg, Inspired Nutraceuticals ensures that you can experience the benefits of this unique extract. Luciferine serves as a natural source of energy, helping combat mental fatigue and supporting cognitive function during intense workouts. By reducing mental exhaustion and enhancing alertness, Luciferine keeps your mind sharp and focused, allowing you to push through challenging training sessions with heightened mental clarity.

• SYNapsis (Citrus Aurantium Extract) - 150mg

SYNapsis, featured at a dosage of 150mg in DVST8 Dark, contains Citrus aurantium extract, also known as bitter orange extract. This natural compound has gained popularity in the supplement industry for its potential cognitive-enhancing effects. Citrus aurantium extract contains a variety of bioactive compounds, including synephrine, which can stimulate the central nervous system and promote mental focus and alertness. By acting on adrenergic receptors, Citrus aurantium extract may improve cognitive performance and increase energy levels, making it a valuable component of DVST8 Dark's formula.

Studies suggest that Citrus aurantium extract may also have thermogenic properties, meaning it may help boost metabolism and support fat burning. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals looking to enhance their overall fitness and body composition.

• CoLean with Alpha-GPC and Citicoline - 500mg

CoLean, a blend consisting of Alpha-GPC and citicoline, is a key component of DVST8 Dark, providing cognitive support and enhancing mental performance. With a dosage of 500mg, Inspired Nutraceuticals ensures that you receive an effective amount of these cognitive-enhancing compounds. Alpha-GPC (Alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine) and citicoline are both precursors to acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter involved in memory, focus, and learning. By increasing acetylcholine levels in the brain, CoLean helps improve cognitive function, enhancing mental clarity and concentration during intense workouts.

Alpha-GPC and citicoline also play a role in supporting overall brain health and function. They have been shown to have neuroprotective properties, helping to preserve neuronal structure and function. Additionally, they may enhance blood flow to the brain, further promoting cognitive performance. With CoLean in DVST8 Dark, you can experience heightened mental acuity, improved focus, and a sharper mind-body connection during your training sessions.

• DMAE DL-Bitartrate - 500mg

DMAE DL-Bitartrate, included at a dosage of 500mg in DVST8 Dark, is a compound that has gained popularity in the supplement industry for its potential cognitive-enhancing effects. DMAE stands for dimethylaminoethanol, and it is believed to support brain function and mental performance. DMAE is a precursor to choline, which is a nutrient involved in the production of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that plays a crucial role in cognitive processes such as memory, focus, and learning.

By increasing choline levels in the brain, DMAE DL-Bitartrate may help promote acetylcholine synthesis, leading to improved cognitive function and mental clarity. It has been suggested that DMAE may enhance alertness, attention span, and overall cognitive performance, making it a valuable addition to DVST8 Dark's formula.

 • Endless: Hydration Refill (Sea Salt, Potassium Citrate, Magnesium Citrate, Fruitooligosacchirides) - 1,300mg

The Endless: Hydration Refill matrix included in DVST8 Dark, is a unique blend of sea salt, potassium citrate, magnesium citrate, and fruitooligosaccharides designed to support optimal hydration during workouts. With a total dosage of 1,300mg, this blend ensures that your body maintains proper fluid balance and electrolyte levels, allowing you to perform at your best.

Sea salt, rich in minerals, helps replenish electrolytes lost through sweat during intense physical activity. Electrolytes are essential for maintaining hydration and supporting various bodily functions. Potassium citrate and magnesium citrate are forms of electrolytes that play key roles in muscle function, nerve transmission, and fluid balance. By including these citrate forms, DVST8 Dark ensures better bioavailability and absorption of these vital electrolytes. Fruitooligosaccharides, on the other hand, are prebiotic fibers that can support gut health and promote efficient absorption of electrolytes and water in the body.

DVST8 Dark Kayla Rossi Edition: Kill-Aid

For those that love to turn up the intensity and leave the gym pouring sweat, or those looking to turn up the heat and melt away fat while you workout, DVST8 Dark also offers a special Kayla Rossi edition flavor called Kill Aid exclusive, which incorporates a fat-burning twist. This fully-loaded pre-workout and fat burner combo turns up both intensity and brings the heat so be prepared to sweat it out while you hit the whole workout with peak intensity!

Now, let's explore the Kayla Rossi Edition Kill Aid formula and see what makes the magic happen!

 • L-Citrulline - 6.66 grams

As mentioned earlier, L-Citrulline has gained mass recognition for its ability to enhance nitric oxide production, leading to powerful muscle pumps, improved blood flow, and heightened performance.

• L-Carnitine - 1,500mg

L-Carnitine, included at a dosage of 1,500mg in DVST8 Dark, is a popular and effective amino acid that plays a vital role in energy metabolism. It is involved in the transport of fatty acids into the mitochondria, where they are converted into usable energy. By facilitating the utilization of stored fat as an energy source, L-Carnitine can help support fat burning and enhance overall energy production during workouts.

In addition to its role in energy metabolism, L-Carnitine has been studied for its potential benefits in exercise performance and recovery. It may help reduce muscle damage and oxidative stress, leading to faster recovery and improved muscle repair after intense training sessions. Furthermore, L-Carnitine has been shown to enhance endurance by reducing the buildup of lactic acid in muscles and improving oxygen utilization. With 1,500mg of L-Carnitine in DVST8 Dark, you can experience these potential performance-enhancing effects, allowing you to push harder, recover faster, and achieve your fitness goals more efficiently.

• Lean GBB® - 20mg

Lean GBB®, also known as Gamma-Butyrobetaine Ethyl Ester Chloride, is a precursor to L-carnitine synthesis. It supports the body's natural production of L-carnitine, a compound involved in energy metabolism and fat oxidation. By increasing the body's L-carnitine levels, Lean GBB® may enhance the transportation of fatty acids into the mitochondria, leading to improved energy production and increased fat burning during workouts.

In addition to its potential benefits for energy metabolism, Lean GBB® has been associated with an increase in thermogenesis. Thermogenesis refers to the production of heat in the body, which can help boost metabolism and promote weight loss. By promoting thermogenesis, Lean GBB® may help support a leaner physique and enhance overall body composition. With 20mg of Lean GBB® in DVST8 Dark, you can experience the potential thermogenic and fat-burning effects of this ingredient, further complementing the comprehensive formula of the pre-workout supplement.

Beta-Alanine - 3.2 grams

As mentioned above, Beta-Alanine is known for its ability to increase intramuscular carnosine levels, a compound that helps buffer lactic acid build-up during intense exercise. By buffering lactic acid, beta-alanine helps delay the onset of muscle fatigue, allowing you to push through those challenging sets and perform at a higher intensity for a longer duration. 

• Cocoabuterol® - 50mg

Cocoabuterol®, included at a dosage of 50mg in DVST8 Dark, is an innovative ingredient derived from cocoa plants. It is known for its potential thermogenic and performance-enhancing effects. Cocoabuterol® contains specific bioactive compounds that have been shown to support fat burning and increase metabolic rate, making it a valuable addition to DVST8 Dark's formula.

One of the key components of Cocoabuterol® is theobromine, a natural stimulant that shares similarities with caffeine. Theobromine has been associated with increased energy expenditure and enhanced fat oxidation, which can contribute to weight management and improved body composition. Additionally, Cocoabuterol® contains other bioactive compounds that may promote vasodilation, leading to improved blood flow and nutrient delivery to working muscles. This can result in enhanced endurance, performance, and muscle pumps during exercise.

• Naringin - 20mg, Caffeine Anhydrous - 400mg, Luciferine™ - 100mg

These key ingredients are also present in the original DVST8 Dark formula and are some of the frontrunners for increased energy, heightened mental focus, and overall performance.

• Halostachine - 100mg

Halostachine, included at a dosage of 100mg in DVST8 Dark, is a natural compound known for its thermogenic and performance-enhancing effects. It is derived from the plant Halostachys caspica and is structurally similar to other stimulants such as ephedrine. Halostachine acts as a beta-adrenergic agonist, which means it can stimulate the adrenergic receptors in the body, leading to increased energy expenditure and fat burning.

As a thermogenic compound, Halostachine may help boost metabolic rate, promoting calorie burning and weight management. By increasing lipolysis (the breakdown of fats), it can enhance the body's ability to utilize stored fat as a source of energy during workouts. Additionally, Halostachine has been associated with improved focus, alertness, and cognitive performance, which can contribute to enhanced exercise performance.

• Alpha Yohimbine - 1mg & Yohimbine HCI - 1mg

Alpha yohimbine and yohimbine HCl are both included in DVST8 Dark, each at a dosage of 1mg. These compounds are derived from the bark of the yohimbe tree and are commonly used in supplements for their potential fat-burning and energy-boosting properties. They work by blocking certain receptors in the body, known as alpha-2 adrenergic receptors, which can inhibit fat breakdown. By blocking these receptors, alpha yohimbine and yohimbine HCl may enhance lipolysis, allowing for increased fat oxidation and potential weight loss support.

In addition to their potential fat-burning effects, alpha yohimbine and yohimbine HCl have been associated with increased energy and focus. These compounds may stimulate the central nervous system, promoting alertness and heightened mental clarity. By providing a boost of energy and mental sharpness, alpha yohimbine and yohimbine HCl can help support intense workouts, enabling you to push harder and achieve greater results.

• L-Tyrosine - 1 gram, CoLean™ - 500mg, DMAE - 500mg

L-Tyrosine, CoLean™, and DMAE are all present in the original DVST8 Dark formula as well and are key components to the driving force behind the exceptional mental focus, crystal clear concentration, and mind-to-muscle connections this fully-loaded formula delivers!


Inspired Nutraceuticals has once again raised the bar with their groundbreaking product, DVST8 Black. In true Inspired fashion, DVST8 Black delivers the innovation and exceptional performance-enhancing benefits. Whether you're an avid athlete, fitness enthusiast, or simply looking to take your workouts to the next level, DVST8 Black offers a comprehensive solution that delivers unparalleled energy, focus, and endurance.

The first formula in DVST8 Black is meticulously crafted to deliver unparalleled performance enhancement. Packed with potent stimulants, nootropics, and performance-boosting ingredients, it ignites your energy levels, sharpens focus, and extends endurance, allowing you to push your limits and achieve peak performance during workouts.

But Inspired Nutraceuticals didn't stop there. If you love to turn up the heat and intensity, leaving it all on the gym floor (especially sweat), then prepare yourself for the epic combo of a true fully-loaded pre-workout and fat burner combo. Where all out performance meets complete fat incineration... welcome to the dark side of DVST8 Black!

The only question left is... when you join the dark side, which option will you choose?

Inspired DVST8 Dark 40srv