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Inspired DVST8 Dark 40srv

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DVST8 has been a dominant force in the pre-workout market, consistently ranking at the top of the charts and winning accolades for its effectiveness. With each new iteration, Inspired Nutraceuticals has raised the bar, refining the formula and fine-tuning the ingredients to deliver optimal performance enhancement.

DVST8 Dark

DVST8 Dark is the latest evolution of this powerful pre-workout, promising even greater benefits and a new level of intensity. This pre-workout comes in two distinct formulas, each designed to optimize performance in its own unique way. One is formulated with the key purpose of optimizing peak performance for every workout and lifters of all levels. The 2nd formula -- The Kayla Rossi Signature Edition is designed to drastically boost as performance as well, but also contains a comprehensive formula for enhancing weight loss and fat burning, making it a true fully-loaded pre-workout and fat burner combo!

DVST8 Dark boasts a comprehensive formula that is tailored to optimize peak performance. Each ingredient was specifically selected due to the extensive research and clinical studies showcasing their effectiveness and providing maximum benefits in terms of energy, focus, and performance. In true Inspired fashion, they've formulated each ingredient with effective and clinical dosing peaking out the benefits of each ingredient for a true experience of peak performance!

For those that love to turn up the intensity and leave the gym pouring sweat, or those looking to turn up the heat and melt away fat while you workout, DVST8 Dark also offers a special Kayla Rossi edition flavor called Kill Aid exclusive, which incorporates a fat-burning twist. This fully-loaded pre-workout and fat burner combo turns up both intensity and brings the heat so be prepared to sweat it out while you hit the whole workout with peak intensity!

* 2 unique formulas to maximize performance

* Powerful, sustaining energy

* Unbreakable mental focus and concentration

* Monumental muscle pumps

Kayla Rossi edition takes fat-burning and performance to new heights in one powerful formula


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