Project AD H2O Remove 84Caps

Project AD H2O Remove 84Caps

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Project AD H2O Remove 84Caps

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  • Are you working to obtain a leaner, drier and more vascular physique? Do you have an upcoming bodybuilding show and you need to get absolutely peeled? Whether your goal is to obtain that dream physique, or just lean out for that upcoming beach trip, H20 Remove is a full strength water management system that is designed to remove excess water trapped under the skin, leaving you leaner and more vascular. One major aspect that separates H20 Remoove from other water removing products on the market is the potassium sparing formula ensuring minimal cramping and no harmful side effects, while maximizing cuts of definition. H20 Remoove can also be utilized in a maintenance dose while bulking, when heavy carbohydrate stages may be implemented, which can produce a smoothing effect, leaving you with less striations and less vascular. This dosage will help control excess water, leaving you with more muscle definition while you pack on size.

    Benefits & Results:

    * Remove excess water

    * No harmful side effects

    * Potassium sparing formula

    * Increase muscle definition

    * Low stimulant formula negates side-effects typically associated with diuretics

    Directions: As an adult dietary supplement, use the maintenance protocol of three (3) capsules once daily with 16oz. or more of water to support the effects. For maximum desired effects for prior competition or event, use three (3) capsules, three times daily (9 capsules total), not to exceed the maximum usage for more than 5 continuous. Always consult your physician prior to using any dietary supplement.


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