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Animal Creatine Chews 30srv

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 and has been the go-to ergogenic supplement among athletes and lifters of all levels for decades. In fact, creatine monohydrate is still today, the most effective natural ergogenic nutritional supplement currently available to athletes in terms of increasing high-intensity exercise capacity and lean body mass during training.

Countless studies have demonstrated that creatine supplementation, in combination with various kinds of training, is extremely effective at augmenting training workouts, and increasing muscular strength and lean body mass. Creatine works by increasing the phosphocreatine/creatine ratio in skeletal muscle tissue, thereby increasing the capacity for rapid adenosine triphosphate (ATP) resynthesis during repeated high-intensity exercise tasks. ATP is the sole fuel for muscle contraction. During near maximal intense exercise the muscle store of ATP will be depleted in < 1s, therefore, to maintain normal contractile function ATP must be continually resynthesized.

This is where creatine supplementation comes into play. Supplementing with creatine helps you produce more ATP so you can increase workout intensity, which is especially beneficial for athletic activities involving short, fast, explosive movements such as sprints, deadlifts, squats, or any other explosive and high intensity movement. Another anabolic property that creatine holds and this is its ability to hydrate muscle cells. When muscle cells are hydrated a few things happen, the most notable being an increase in protein synthesis (muscle protein synthesis is a metabolic process that produces muscle protein, facilitating the maintenance or building of muscle mass). As an added bonus, when your muscles hold more water, they look bigger and more pumped up as well!

Animal Creatine Chews harnesses the power of creatine in delicious chewable tablets. Each serving of Creatine Chews delivers a clinical dose of creatine monohydrate at 5 grams, along with sea salt and Astragin for better absorption and utilization of creatine, and better muscle pumps as well. 

Available in 2 delicious flavors, Creatine Chews offers the convenience of chewable tablets, while delivering the power punch of enhancing athletic performance, boosting strength and power, increasing lean muscle gains, and amplifying volume capabilities so you can push the body to its peak every workout!

• Boost high intensity performance

• Enhance strength levels and power output

• Increase workout intensity

• Enhance volume handling capabilities

• Speed up the muscle building process

Directions: Take 4 chewable creatine tablets daily.

Nutrition Label


Directions: Take 4 chewable creatine tablets daily.