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Like A Pro Peak & Power 30srv

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This formula was develop to help increase strength/power output , performance and recovery on a whole new level . 7 ingredients fully dosed with 6 being Patented Ingredients. Creapure®️ is the most widely studied form of creatine and is proven to be safe and effective Its Been shown to Help stop the age related loss of muscle mass, strength, improves mental activity, Brain function, sleep (better quality of sleep and decreased sleep demand), antioxidative property, bone health. Creatine also helps with power bursts output not just with lifting weights but also with all Sports. Which means everyone can benefit from Creatine use even non athletes! Carnosyn®️ This form is the only beta-alanine that has been scientifically proven to be effective in boosting athletic performance in everyone no matter what type of athlete you are. Carnosyn acts as a buffer to help delay the onset of lactic acid and muscle fatigue and failure, while building endurance and improving recovery. At 4g per serving above the proven dose at 3.2g you’re guaranteed to feel the build up faster Peak02®️ Peak02™️Has been shown to Boosts power and strength, Improves endurance and stamina.Peak O2 improves your ability to uptake oxygen and use it at optimal efficiency during your workouts. Maximizing your body’s ability to utilize oxygen improves your overall exercise capacity. The greater oxygen uptake can be felt within minutes of taking Peak O2 Taurine 1g Has been shown to help increase hydration and electrolytes . Taurine also helps with overall performance increasing the ability to train longer and harder VitaCherry®️ Tart cherries can benefit athletes by helping protect against post-exercise muscle strength loss and soreness, as well as aiding in muscle recovery. Tart cherry has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory polyphenol compounds as well along with lessening pain and accelerates strength recovery after exercise and decreases blood markers of oxidative stress. ElvATP®️300mg is a natural combination of ancient peat and apple polyphenols clinically shown to increase levels of endogenous ATP and support improved strength, power, and performance in resistance-trained athletes. Astragin®️ Has been shown to support and increase the absorption of nutrients, such as amino acids, glucose, and vitamins and more.

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Directions: Mix 1 scoop with 12-16 oz of water 15-20 minutes prior to workouts.

May be added to Pump & Focus or Outsized for better results.

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