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Why Use A Thermogenic Fat Burner?

Why Use A Thermogenic Fat Burner?

You’ve probably come across products claiming to help you lose weight or burn fat—but you’re skeptical. It’s one thing to claim a product does this or that, but it’s another thing to know that it actually works. This especially rings true for thermogenic fat burners, which are supplements that boost your metabolism. The result is more fat and calories burned throughout the day, and during each workout session.

Some people are aware of thermogenic supplements and their use. But for those who don’t know or want to try them, start by reading up on the topic. Let’s explore the most common ingredients found in these supplements, what they do, and more. 

Common Ingredients in Thermogenic Fat Burners

From appetite suppression to energy boosting, each ingredient in thermogenic fat burners has a purpose—helping you shed weight. Here are some of the most common ingredients found in thermogenic supplements. 


Commonly found in coffee and pre-workout products, caffeine is a stimulant that increases the hormone adrenaline. When activated, adrenaline stimulates fat cells, releasing fatty acids into the bloodstream where they can be used to power your lifts. 

Green Tea Extract

Think tea is just for relaxing? Think again. Green tea extract typically contains caffeine (see above) and a compound called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). This compound slows down the breakdown of adrenaline, enhancing its impact on your body. A study on caffeinated green tea supplements showed that they increased metabolism by about 4% and boosted fat burning by as much as 16% a day after ingestion. 


Ever wondered what makes chili peppers spicy? It’s a molecule called capsaicin, and like caffeine, it stimulates adrenaline release. It also suppresses appetite, helping you eat fewer calories. Combining these effects results in a stimulated metabolism working needing to burn fewer calories (and fat) for energy. 

How powerful can this effect be? A review of 20 studies found that capsaicin supplements can lead to significant weight loss over time by boosting your metabolism by about 50 calories a day. 

Other Common Fat Burner Ingredients Include

  • Yohimbine
  • Synephrine/Bitter Orange
  • L-theanine
  • Carnitine
  • Tyrosine

Do Thermogenic Fat Burners Work?

Study after study show thermogenic fat burner ingredients can boost your metabolism, suppress appetite, and lead to weight loss. However, optimal results come with consistent diet and exercise. You shouldn’t take a thermogenic fat burner expecting it to work without any effort on your part. If you do nothing to burn fat or calories(like exercising), then it’s not going to have its intended effect. This is also true if you’re replacing burned calories with excessively fat or calorie-rich foods. 

Don’t think of thermogenic fat burners as a magic pill that deletes fat from your body. They’re more like a booster that gets you to the results you’re working toward.

Side Effects of Using Weight Loss Supplements

Thermogenic fat burners can have some unpleasant side effects for some users such as nausea, increased heart rate, higher blood pressure, headaches, and more. If a supplement—thermogenic or not—contains more than 400 mg of caffeine, it could put you at an increased risk for heart palpitations, anxiety, or dizziness. If you are unsure of your stimulant tolerance, a low-stimulant or non-stimulant option may be the best option. You can also reach out to us anytime, and one of our nutrition/product experts will guide you in the right direction.

If side effects become too much to tolerate, seize use of that particular product, as it may be too much for you personally. While many users love high intensity and high potency thermogenic fat burners, those products aren't for everyone, which is why we carry such a wide variety of weight/fat loss products. You may benefit much more from a low-stimulant or non-stimulant fat burner that will aid in weight and body fat reduction without high stimulants, or stimulants altogether.

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