Alpha Lion Burn 2.0 31srv

Alpha Lion Burn 2.0 31srv

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Alpha Lion Burn 2.0 31srv

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  • Drastcially boost boost both your training and your physique... scorch away stubborn body fat and burn more calories... incinerate fat fast by supercharging thermogenesis... accelerate your metabolism into overdrive... convert bad fat to good fat, which can be used for energy instead of unwanted fat storage... transport the fat you have into your cellular furnaces to burn as energy...  amplify the fat-burning effects of exercise... decrease muscular soreness and improve muscular recovery...  better blood flow and increased pumps for better muscular endurance...  increase cognitive abilities like mental clarity and focus... better nutrient delivery for more natural energy and recovery... 

    GOODNESS... what a plethora of amazing benefits!! All those benefits can come from one product? ABSOLUTELY! Introducing Burn 2.0 by Alpha Lion! 

    Burn 2.0 is a rapid weight loss and performance booster all rolled into one! This sensational formula combines 2 super thermogenics -- Caloriburn GP (Grains of Paradise) and GBB (Gamma-Butyrobetaine) also known as super carnitine to help take your daily caloric burning to new heights, enhance fat burning, enhance energy, and drastically speed up your metabolism so you burn fat at superhuman speeds. They combine this powerful duo with the remarkable duo of L-Carnitine and Mitoburn (3-Aminoisobutyric Acid). 

    L-Carnitine is the perfect supplement to add to your arsenal during your weight loss/cutting phase. Allow me to explain... L-Carnitine helps transport the fat you have into your cellular furnaces to get burned as energy. That's right, burn fat as fuel. L-Carnitine also delivers other astounding benefits such as increased cognitive abilities such as mental clarity and focus, fatigue resistance, improved muscular recovery, decreased muscular soreness, better blood flow and increased pumps for better muscular endurance, oxygen utilization, and nutrient delivery for more natural energy and recovery, 

    Mitoburn takes fat-burning to the next level by melting and converting existing fat cells into daily long lasting energy, amplifying the fat-burning effects of exercise for quicker results, improving insulin sensitivity, carbohydrate tolerance, and mitochondrial function to assist in anti-aging, and also reducing appetite to fight off those pesky cravings. Mitoburn works by changing the characteristics of white fat (bad fat) into the energy-burning brown fat (good fat), which results in amplified fat-burning and a more optimal metabolism. Mitoburn also increases fat oxidation by utilizing white fat first as energy and by increasing ketone body generation, thus allowing your body to melt stubborn fat cells as energy!

    * Convert fat into fuel/energy

    * Rapidly speed up your metabolism for increased calorie burning'

    * Enhance athletic performance

    * Scorch away stubborn body fat

    * Maximize fat-burning effects while exercising

    * Mimic the effects of exercise for the days when you’re not in the gym

    Directions: Shake well before every use. Take 1 serving (1 tablespoon/15 mL) 30 minutes before exercising in the morning. You may take up to 2 servings (2 tablespoons/30 mL) per day split into 2 doses or taken together.


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