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Pre-workout 101

Pre-workout 101

For most lifters/gym-goers, there's no feeling quite as satisfying as slamming back a solid pre-workout and then absolutely crushing a workout at the gym. A good pre-workout can transform an early morning struggle into a tremendous training session, or an afternoon slump into an ultra-productive and very accomplished workout.

The right pre-workout, paired with the right workout and mindset, takes every set and rep from "good" to "spectacular." The weights feel lighter, the pumps feel bigger. If you're serious about training, and want to get the most out of each and every rep, set, and session, it truly is a can't-miss experience. 

If you're looking for a new favorite pre-workout, searching for the perfect one to get you started, or just wondering what a pre-workout is, and the benefits they can provide, you have come to the right place. No matter what your goals might be... getting yoked, burning away body fat, looking to ramp up the intensity during your workouts, or even getting the most out of each session, a solid pre-workout can be a tremendous tool to add into your arsenal. Today, we will discuss what a pre-workout actually is, what is inside these magic concoctions, and how they can benefit you in the gym. Welcome to Pre-workout 101!

What is a pre-workout?

First, let's discuss what a pre-workout actually is. Pre-workout supplements are a combination of ingredients combined in a single formula to help increase exercise performance or making your workouts more effective. Whether you're looking to set a new PR, knock out a few more reps on the bench press or squat, or just get the most out of your cardio session, a good pre-workout can be a true ally! Essentially a pre-workout should prime your mind and body to maximize performance. The effects of a pre-workout will last anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours after you consume the supplement depending on the formula.

What are some common ingredients found in a pre-workout?

Some of the most common ingredients you will find in most pre-workouts are stimulants such as Caffeine, Yohimbine, and Di-Caffeine Malate to ramp up energy levels and motivation, boost mental alertness, and give you the overall feeling of being ready destroy your workouts like the f***ing Juggernaut! Some other common ingredients you will find in pre-workouts are Beta-Alanine for boosting muscular endurance and delaying muscular fatigue, Betaine Anhydrous to help increase strength and athletic performance, Vasodilators such as Citrulline Malate, Nitrosigine, Arginine, and Agmatine to increase blood flow to drive fresh blood, oxygen, and nutrients to the muscles, and Nootropics such as Alpha GPC and Lion's Mane to enhance cognitive abilities such as focus and mental clarity.

Are there different kinds of pre-workouts?

Yes, there are a multitude of different formulas out there ranging from extremely high energy pre-workouts for those that love to really crank up the intensity, to non-stimulated pre-workouts for those who are sensitive to stimulants, but still want a boost in athletic performance, and for those who just love a skin-tearing pump! There are even pre-workouts that double as a fat burner giving you the additional benefit of maximizing fat loss while you blast through your training session. 

Pump 101 20srv


Pump 101 from Alchemy Labs is clinically dosed with 8 grams of L-Citrulline, agmatine sulfate, and Himalayan Salt to deliver mind-blowing, skin-tearing, long lasting pumps. On top of the amazing pumps, Pump 101 is clinically dosed with Beta-Alanine and contains ingredients such Alpha GPC and Huperzine A to Increase endurance, decrease muscular fatigue, enhance ...

What is a non-stimulant pre-workout?

Non-stimulated pre-workouts, such as Pump 101 by Alchemy Labs, always include a variety of vasodilators that creates the perfect atmosphere for engorging the muscles with fresh blood, oxygen, and nutrients, causing them to swell up like a balloon, and delivers a skin-stretching pump that makes you feel like you can smash through a brick wall! These pre-workouts often include other performance boosting ingredients such as Beta-Alanine, Creatine, and Nootropics to further enhance performance without the use of stimulants. These pre-workouts are also an excellent choice for those of you who workout late in the evening or at night and don't want to be kept up from being stimulated.

Kickin 25srv


Intense sustaining energy to drive you through even the toughest workouts and training sessions. Sick muscle pumps that will engorge your muscles with fresh blood, oxygen, and nutrients for endurance, natural energy, and better recovery.

Stimulated Pre-workouts range from low stimulant/intensity formulas such as Kickin by Titan Nutrition, to moderate intensity formulas, such as Duality by Alchemy Labs, that will deliver a great supply of sustaining energy without being overwhelming, and drastically boost exercise performance, all the way to "I wanna feel like a Demigod in the gym!!" aka extreme stimulant/intensity formulas such as PrePhase by Phase1 Nutrition. These pre-workouts will contain a variety of stimulants to boost up energy levels and motivation to train harder, increase mental alertness, and boost performance. Stimulated pre-workouts are usually accompanied by Nootropics to increase mental focus and concentration for great mind-to-muscle connections, ingredients such as Beta-Alanine for better endurance, and often include vasodilators as well to help drive fresh blood, oxygen, and nutrients to the muscles to even further ramp up performance. Some will also include a a fat-burning formula that will also melt away body fat while you train. These will typically include a "Fat Burning Matrix" to stimulate thermogenesis, increase calorie expenditure, increase fat oxidation (burn fat as fuel), and increase ketone body generation to melt stubborn fat cells for energy.

Duality 25srv


Duality is a powerful combination of clinically-proven ingredients that will amp up your workout by providing massive muscle pumps and intense, smooth, and sustaining energy.


Do pre-workouts go bad?

Just like protein powders, BCAAs, fat burners, and any other dietary supplements, pre-workouts will have a use by date printed on the tub. If the pre-workout is beyond this date, yes it has expired! If your pre-workout is past this date, I would recommend disposing of the product and going with a new one. Is clumpy pre-workout bad? Anyone who's been taking supplements for some time has probably at one time or another run across a clumpy tub of pre-workout. When pre-workouts become clumpy many users become concerned and wonder if it's still safe to use, and if it will still be effective. Chunky or clumpy pre-workouts are completely safe to consume. Pre-workouts, and any powdered supplements, can absorb moisture from the air, which can cause the powder to become clumpy, but this does not affect the safety or efficacy of the formula.

Who are pre-workouts designed for?

Pre-workouts are designed for anyone who feels like they need an energy boost in the gym, looking to boost athletic performance, or who has an ambitious PR in their sights.

Which pre-workout is right for me?

When it comes to selecting a pre-workout it's best to keep a few things in mind. How your body handles stimulants, what time of day you train, what goals you're looking to obtain, and what you're actually looking for from your pre-workout. If you know that you're highly sensitive to caffeine, you may benefit more from a low-stimulant or stimulant-free pre-workout. If you're new to pre-workouts and not sure, it's best to start with either a low-stimulant or non stimulated one to get your feet wet and see how your body reacts. You can always go up from there. It's not always the best option to hop right in the deep end and go with an extreme energy as you may have adverse reactions such as jitteriness or even a nauseated feeling from being over-stimulated.

What is the Best Pre Workout?

There are many great pre workout supplements on the market and many are kept in stock at Nutrition Faktory, both in stores and online. Some of Nutrition Faktory's Best Pre Workouts are:

  • DVST8 Global
  • Motiv8 Burn
  • Pump 101
  • Seventh Gear
  • PrePhase
  • Ryse Loaded Pre
  • Duality
  • Black Magic BZRK
  • Axe & Sledge Hydraulic
  • Transparent Labs BULK
  • DVST8 Of The Union
  • C-Bum Thavage
  • Superhuman Supreme
  • FSU
  • Kickin
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