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LGND: Incredible all-in-one formula that may just be your next staple!

LGND: Incredible all-in-one formula that may just be your next staple!

What fitness goals are you working towards? Working hard, hitting the heavy weights, and putting back LOTS of quality food in order to put on quality mass? Hitting the treadmill or those grueling HIIT workouts, cutting back on the calories, and being strict with your diet to obtain that toned and shredded body? Giving everything you have to hit a new personal record on that big lift? Looking to get stronger, leaner, increase overall endurance and athletic performance? Maybe you're putting in hours and hours to shave some seconds off that long run or bike ride, and want to stay hydrated and boost endurance? What if there was a product on the market created to help you increase overall performance in every aspect, no matter your goal? Introducing the incredible all-in-one formula that may just be your next staple... LGND by Inspired Nutraceuticals!

LGND 120Caps


No matter what kind of athlete you are; whether you're a body builder looking to build more lean muscle mass, a cyclist looking to improve endurance for a 500 mile race, a powerlifter wanting to add more weight to your 1-rep max, a Crossfit athlete working on bettering your Filthy 50 workout, or a sports athlete looking to boost overall athletic performance; LGND by Inspired Nutraceuticals was created to do exactly that: help you increase overall performance in every aspect! And what's more: it ...

LGND is the all-natural, performance enhancing, anabolic formulation loaded with clinical doses of ingredients that were specifically and meticulously chosen for their ability to work together synergistically to increase overall performance, boost strength and power, increase muscular endurance, and boost energy, mood, fat loss, and even cardiovascular health! But wait... this sounds almost too good to be true... how can that be accomplished in just one supplement? Let's dive right in and breakdown exactly how this performance boosting masterpiece works?

We start off with 2 of the key hitters in LGND - KSM-66 Ashwagandha and Laxosterone  5-Alpha-Hydroxy-Laxogenin. Ashwagandha is an ancient medicinal herb, classified as an adaptogen, meaning that it can help your body manage not only mental stress, but physical stress as well. This means your body will adapt to the strenuous loads it's put under to accomplish whatever goal you're working to obtain, allowing you to perform more optimally. On top of the tremendous stress relief benefits, Ashwagandha also has been clinically shown to enhance sports performance, increase muscle mass and strength, and even improve thyroid function! 

Laxosterone  is a patented extract derived from the root of a climbing shrub called Smilax Scobinicaulis, and is extremely valued because it contains high content of Laxogenin - a natural compound belonging to the family of brassinosteroids, molecules recognized as a class of plant hormones. Laxogenin has been scientifically shown to have similar effects certain androgenic anabolic steroids, but since it's all natural and 100% plant based, it accomplishes this without any of the nasty side effects that can come along with such aggressive compounds. The benefits of Laxogenin, especially at this dosage, include increasing strength and lean muscle mass, increasing muscle protein synthesis by 200% to enhance overall muscle growth, reduce muscle soreness, boost muscular recovery, and increase overall athletic performance. That's some astounding benefits alone from an all-natural compound!!

Up next, LGND contains potent doses of both Longjack Extract and PurpleForce. Longjack is what's known as Malaysian Ginseng, which has been clinically shown to improve oxygen uptake, endurance capacity, vital capacity, forced expiratory volumes, heart rate recovery, and improve energy which can drastically increase athletic performance! PurpleForce is a Kenyan purple tea extract that has also been clinically shown to provide amazing benefits on not only the metabolism, but also muscular recovery. This tea extract is super rich polyphenolic compounds such as GHG, which inhibits lipid and fat absorption while simultaneously boosting fat metabolism. These extracts also improve muscular endurance, boosts post-workout recovery, reduces muscle fatigue and muscle soreness. 

Rounding off this sensational formula, we have 3 all-natural plants, alkaloid, and herbs that have been shown to have some miraculous benefits for athletes of all sorts. Up first, we have Cocoabuterol - derived from cocoa and contains potent bioactive compounds, including N-coumaroyldopamine, N-caffeoyldopamine, EGCG, and Theobromine which are natural polyphenols and alkaloids. These have been shown in multiple studies to decrease fat mass and enable direct muscle growth, improve muscular endurance and muscular power output, boost mood, improve cognitive function such as concentration, focus, and memory, increase nitric oxide levels for better muscle pumps and increased performance, deliver powerful antioxidants to help detoxify the body, and aid in reducing inflammation. 

Next we have Astrigin - an all-natural compound comprised of two highly-fractionated medicinal plants, Astragalus membranaceus and Panax notoginseng. These two plants provide numerous benefits to athletes including significantly boosting ATP production (the source of energy that is used to power the movement of contraction in working muscles) and increase overall nutrient absorption for better natural energy and better utilization of all ingredients in LGND

Lastly, we have Horny Goat Weed -  also known as Yin Yang Huo, this ancient Chinese herb contains the active ingredients icariin and phytoestrogens. Icariin has powerful vasodilatory properties to keep blood pumping for optimum vascularity, increased muscle pumps, better endurance, and more muscle strength. Phytoestrogens provide numerous benefits such as boosting physical performance, combating fatigue, improving blood circulation, treating joint pain, and protecting nerves. 

So there you have it, needless to say unique is undoubtedly the best word to describe LGND!  If you’re looking to enhance your recovery, train hard, lift heavy, or leaning out this product can improve literally every aspect of your training! Give it a try and become LGND!!!

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