Victress 60Caps

Victress 60Caps

Victress 60Caps

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Ladies, are you working on obtaining your next-level physique? Toning up for the summer? Looking for something to aid in losing that stubborn body fat? Introducing Victress from Alchemy Labs! Victress is specifically designed for women and promotes not only lean muscle, fat loss, and faster metabolism; but a strong, feminine, and toned body. Sculpt your physique and build lean, feminine muscle year-round!

* No stimulants

* Promotes tight, toned, and lean muscle

* Define and sculpt your physique

* Reduce cortisol (aka your stress hormone) to aid in loss of body fat

* All-natural

Directions: As a dietary supplement, take one serving (2 capsules) in the morning, with or without food, on both training and non-training days. Do not skip dosages, and NEVER exceed the maximum suggested serving size.


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