JNX Sports The Shadow! Pre-Workout 30srv

JNX Sports The Shadow! Pre-Workout 30srv

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JNX Sports The Shadow! Pre-Workout 30srv

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  • Struggling with focus and low energy during your workouts? Consider going the extra mile with the best-selling The Shadow! Pre-Workout! Having a strong mind-muscle connection helps build muscle and makes your workout more efficient and effective. When you have a strong mind-muscle connection, you can feel and control the movements of your muscles better. You can recruit more muscle fibers and generate more force, which can result in increased muscle activation and a more effective workout.

    Formulated for professionals, The Shadow! Pre-Workout is a full-powered pre-workout for that will help you charge through any workout! Promising mind lock, mental focus, and better pumps, it will supercharge your performance in the gym or on the field. Each scoop of The Shadow! Pre-Workout is loaded with caffeine to push you harder through your training. The advanced formula supports heavy muscle building during strenuous exercise, giving you an edge in your workouts. Packed with B6, B12, Folate, and rich olive leaf extract, it contains a host of energy-boosting ingredients to help combat tiredness.

    When you use The Shadow! Pre-Workout, you won't ever want to train without it. Get ready to escalate your potential with the real performance-enhancing benefits of The Shadow! Pre-Workout. A next-level pre-workout that enhances every aspect of what makes a workout great!

    • Superhuman Strength

    • Vibrating energy

    • Mental clarity

    • Improved concentration

    • Noticeable pumps and muscle fullness

    Directions: Mix one serving, which is equivalent to one scoop, with 7-10 oz (200-300 ml) of cold water. Consume the mixture 15-30 minutes before your workout session. This full-strength formula should not be taken more than one serving (1 scoop) within 24 hours.



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