Test FX 90Caps

Test FX 90Caps

Test FX 90Caps

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There are multiple symptoms that can arise from low testosterone levels such as decreased daily energy and chronic fatigue, low libido, mood changes, feelings of depression, hair loss, and loss of muscle mass. Whether you're experiencing any of these pesky side effects, or you're looking to increase muscle density and strength while losing body fat; Test FX from Alchemy Labs aids in all of these! Regain your youth, naturally bump up testosterone, optimize building muscle, lose body fat, and feel better overall.

* Stronger, harder, more dense muscles

* Lowers cortisol (stress hormone) to aid in fat loss and overall better feeling

* Increase libido

* Regulate estrogen levels

* Healthy balance of hormones

Directions: As a dietary supplement, take (1) serving (3 capsules) daily. It does not matter if you consume with or without food, or time of day!


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