Alpha Lion SuperHuman Post 25srv

Alpha Lion SuperHuman Post 25srv

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Alpha Lion SuperHuman Post 25srv

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  • Even if you work out every day, 95% of your time is spent outside the gym. If you want to optimize gains in muscle, strength, and power you need to optimize what you do after each workout. Otherwise your hard work will essentially be “wasted”. If you want to build quality, lean muscle and achieve your fitness goals, consuming the proper fuel after a workout is nearly as important as exercise itself. In fact, it's downright crucial! Introducing Superhuman Post by Alpha Lion. 

    Superhuman Post is the trifecta of post workout recovery and is basically octane fuel for maximizing gains in lean muscle mass, strength, and power. This anabolic trio starts off with 5,000mg of Leucine (the king of amino acids when it comes to muscle building and repair) to stimulate muscle protein synthesis and inhibit muscle protein breakdown. thus activating muscle growth. Next Alpha Lion clinically dosed both Creapure (the purest form of creatine monohydrate) and Betaine Anhydrous. Creatine is the most studied and well-documented supplement in the industry. It has been proven time and time again to increase power output during intense exercise, drastically boost ATP levels to boost strength and power levels, increase athletic performance, as well as trigger muscle protein synthesis to promote muscle growth. Betaine Anhydrous is an osmolyte, meaning it increases cellular water retention through osmosis. This gives Betaine Anhydrous the distinct ability to cause muscle fibers to swell, which will also stimulate muscle protein synthesis, promoting muscle growth. Betaine also works very synergistically with creatine to increase creatine production and muscle cell uptake, which can significantly increase anaerobic power aka strength gains!

    * The trifecta to fuel post-workout muscle growth and recovery

    * Build lean muscle mass

    * Promotes muscle growth by activating the nutrient-sensing molecule mTOR

    * Boost athletic performance

    * Increase creatine production and muscle cell uptake for strength and power gains

    * Electrolytes to rehydrate and improve performance

    Directions: Mix 1 Anabolic Scoop of SUPERHUMAN POST with 8-12oz. of water immediately after your last set to deliver your muscles the anabolic fuel they deserve.†


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