Alpha Lion Superhuman Burn (Stim- Free) 50srv

Alpha Lion Superhuman Burn (Stim- Free) 50srv

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Alpha Lion Superhuman Burn (Stim- Free) 50srv

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  • Looking for a pre-workout that will not only maximize training intensity but also melt away body fat while you train? With the right pre-workout in your arsenal, you can supercharge your training sessions and turn them into fat-burning, muscle-building powerhouses, helping you inch closer to your fitness goals with every rep and stride.

    Alpha Lion Superhuman Burn (Stim- Free)

    Introducing Alpha Lion Superhuman Burn (Stim-Free), the game-changing offspring born from the fusion of our top-selling, award-winning Superhuman pre-workout with cutting-edge fat-burning ingredients. This groundbreaking formula, SuperHuman Burn, redefines the pre-workout experience like never before, granting you the extraordinary power to simultaneously torch body fat and sculpt lean muscle mass. 🔥💪

    Prepare for workouts like never before as SuperHuman Burn takes you to the next level of intensity, delivering the juiciest, skin-splitting pumps that unveil veins you never knew existed. Packed with dual-patented ingredients, this formula ensures your body receives the utmost benefits, guaranteeing maximum efficiency in your pursuit of fitness and aesthetics. Unleash the superhero within you with Alpha Lion Superhuman Burn and experience a pre-workout journey that transcends the ordinary, delivering results that are nothing short of extraordinary. Get ready to redefine your limits and become the ultimate version of yourself! 💥💥💪

    * Aids in building muscle and burning fat simultaneously

    * Greatly boost blow flow for juicy pumps

    * Boost muscle endurance and delay muscle fatigue

    * Melt away body fat while you train at peak intensity

    * Boost mental focus and concentration

    Directions: As a dietary supplement, take 2 scoops with 6-8 ounces of water 15-30 minutes before you're ready to crush your workouts. As a beginner, start with 1 scoop to assess your tolerance first. For maximum workout intensity and fat loss ignition 2 scoops per day is recommended.


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