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Super Human Intra 42srv

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Are you constantly sore and having trouble recovering between workouts? Do you find yourself fatiguing and endurance starts to fade away during the middle of your workout? Or maybe you're looking for that piece of the puzzle that will help you maximize athletic performance throughout your workouts? Introducing Super Human Intra by Alpha Lion!

Super Human Intra is a comprehensive BCAA/EAA formula potently dosed with all 9 essential amino acids to help maximize athletic performance and muscular endurance, as well as optimize muscular recovery after those grueling workouts! Loaded with 10 grams of all 9 EAAs (Essential Amino Acids), this formula will also aid in promoting faster muscle growth and reduce muscular soreness so you can get your a** back in the gym and faster and continue to push your body to the limits! Alpha Lion took it a step further by adding high amounts of electrolytes and "Aquamin" to boost hydration, increase performance, and allow for peak muscle contractions so you get the most out of every set! Train like a Super Human and take your training to all new heights!

* Optimize muscular recovery 

* Drastically boost muscular endurance and athletic performance

* Formulated with all 9 essential amino acids

* Electrolytes and "Aquamin" for hydration and improved performance

* Promotes muscle growth and reduces muscular soreness

Directions:  As a dietary supplement, mix 1-2 scoops with 8-16oz. of water and consume while crushing your workouts to maximize athletic endurance. Mix 1-2 scoops with 8-16oz. of water on non-training days to maintain anabolic swoleness.†