Alchemy Labs Stim & Slim 60Caps

Alchemy Labs Stim & Slim 60Caps

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Alchemy Labs Stim & Slim 60Caps

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  • What's the hardest part of dieting/cutting weight? Cravings? Lack of daily energy and focus? Irritability? Or just getting rid of that stubborn body fat? Introducing Oxystim Pro's big brother, STIM & SLIM! Whatever your biggest struggle when it comes to dieting may be Stim & Slim has you covered. Stim & Slim is an extreme weight loss supplement formulated with clinically-proven and science-backed ingredients such as Grains of Paradise, Bitter Orange Fruit Extract (Synephrine), Lion's Mane, Choline Bitartrate, Yohimbine, and Eria Jarensis Whole Bark Extract to accelerate your metabolism, help incinerate body fat, and provide daily, clean, sustaining energy and crystal clear focus. It will also help curb your appetite to help cut out those pesky cravings. Incinerate body fat and hit your bodyweight goals faster!

    * Daily clean sustaining energy

    * Accelerate metabolism

    * Curb appetite/Control cravings

    * Enlightened Mood to combat irritability

    * Potently dosed thermogenic to aid in shredding body fat

    Directions: As a dietary supplement, always assess tolerance first by starting with one (1) capsule daily. After evaluating tolerance, you make take one serving (2 capsules) daily. NEVER exceed the maximum suggested serving size.


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