SLB Smelling Salt 30g

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  • Get ready to supercharge your performance with SLB Smelling Salts!! This formula is not for the faint of heart; it's specifically crafted to unleash your inner beast during extreme physical exertion. Engineered to trigger the maximal inhalation reflex, it turbocharges your oxygen supply and maintains that delicate carbon dioxide balance while ensuring your nervous system remains as steady as a rock. And here's the kicker – athletes who've tested this formula are experiencing the kind of parasympathetic recovery that makes it a game-changer. SLB Smelling Salts aren't just strong; they're the safest, setting a new bar in performance enhancement.

    The SLB Raging Bull Ammonia blend isn't just good; it's simply the best. Absolutely no compromise on quality – only reagent lab-grade materials go into crafting this pure powerhouse. When you choose SLB, you're choosing the premium option, and it's time to let your rivals eat your dust. Get ready to show the world what you're made of, break boundaries, and conquer new heights with the ultimate, pure, and daring choice - SLB Smelling Salts!

    * Supercharge performance for those big lifts

    * Break boundaries

    * Perfect addition when looking to hit new PRs

    * Maintain nervous system stability

    Directions: Add half cap water, shake vigorously and let it sit for five minutes. Store in a cool, dry place. Hot and humid environments may deteriorate product.


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