Shredded3 60Caps

Shredded3 60Caps

Shredded3 60Caps

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Shredded3 is one of the most revolutionary shredding formulas to ever hit the market! Designed for weightlifters and bodybuilders like yourself who are looking to destroy body fat, and build lean muscle. A synergistic blend of cutting agents, including 3-AD (3-Andro) and agents like DHEA designed to help build lean mass and strength. This means that whenever you try Shredded3, you will immediately notice a "Alpha Male" feeling in the gym leaving you in a constant state of overdrive, strength and on the right path for building lean dense muscle mass!

Benefits & Results:

* Lean dense muscle gains

* Maintaining muscle & dropping body fat

* Increased strength & power

* EXTREME Muscle Hardening

* Reduce body fat

Directions: As a dietary supplement, take one (1) serving of SHREDDED3 daily on workout and non-training days. NEVER exceed more than the suggested daily serving amount.


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