5% Nutrition Shred Time 30srv

5% Nutrition Shred Time 30srv

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5% Nutrition Shred Time 30srv

Visit the 5% Nutrition store
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  • Shred Time by 5% Nutrition brings the heat with this new dynamic and influential fat-burning formula packed with clinical doses of the most effective, well researched, and science backed ingredients that targets fat loss using multiple pathways, supplies smooth and sustaining daily energy, increased mental focus and mood elevation so you can perform at your peak and incinerate body fat at the same time! 

    This mega-dosed formula starts off with a Fat Burn Complex comprised of ingredients such as N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine Hydrochloride, Gamma-Butyrobetaine Hydrochloride (GBB), Alpha Yohimbine Hydrochloride (Rauwolfia), and Green Tea Extract to transport stored fat to the mitochondria where it can be used as energy by the body, signal the body to use more fat as fuel, increase thermogenesis for increased fat burning, and helps burn stubborn body fat by blocking a2 receptors allowing the body to burn fat much easier and at a higher rate of speed. 

    Next are the Sweat It Out, Appetite Suppression, and Fat burner Complexes formulated to work together like a well-oiled machine to target body fat and send it packing for good! These complexes provide increased daily energy levels, boost mental clarity and focus, heighten mood, fight off those pesky cravings, increase calorie expenditure, and  stimulate thermogenesis in brown adipose tissue. It does this by converting stored body fat into brown adaptive tissue, which can then be burned as energy by the body. As we've come to expect from 5% Nutrition, this product is a mega-dosed powerhouse and delivers results! 

    * Incinerate body fat

    * Burn fat as fuel for the body 

    * Increase calorie expenditure

    * Boost daily energy levels and mental focus

    * Fight off those pesky cravings

    Directions: Take 6 capsules by mouth with food in the morning. Do not exceed 6 capsules per 24 hours.
    As a suggestion: To assess your tolerance, take 3 capsules by mouth with food in the morning and 3 capsules with lunch and gradually increase to 6 capsules once daily.


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