Redefine Foods Skippy Oatmeal Protein Pie 8pk

Redefine Foods Skippy Oatmeal Protein Pie 8pk

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Redefine Foods Skippy Oatmeal Protein Pie 8pk

Visit the Redefine Foods store
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  • Description
  • Introducing Redefine Foods Oatmeal Protein Pies: a revitalized take on Finaflex's classic snack, these protein-packed delights offer a delectable fusion of flavor and nutrition. Each pie features two oat-based cookies embracing a creamy filling, delivering a satisfying treat that's rich in both protein and wholesome carbohydrates. It's a snack that has stood the test of time, but now, it's undergoing a bold transformation.

    Redefine Foods Skippy Oatmeal Protein Pie

    Under the vibrant banner of Redefine Foods, Oatmeal Protein Pies are embracing a fresh new look. With an infusion of color and a heightened focus on flavor, these pies are poised to captivate taste buds like never before. Alongside this revitalization, Finaflex's Power Pie, a collaboration with Moon Pie, is also receiving a makeover, heralding a dynamic shift in the realm of protein snacks.

    But the evolution doesn't end there. Redefine Foods is proud to introduce two tantalizing new flavors to its repertoire: Skippy Peanut Butter Oatmeal Protein Pie and Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal Protein Pie. These authentic collaborations promise a delightful blend of sweetness and creaminess, elevating the beloved classic to new heights. With these innovations, Redefine Foods is reshaping the snack experience, offering a harmonious fusion of taste, nutrition, and indulgence.

    * 15 grams of protein

    * 2 sensational flavors

    * Made with real Skippy Peanut Butter

    * Non-GMO and ALL Natural: NO sugar alcohols, NO artificial sweeteners, NO artificial ingredients!


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