Recomp RX 120Caps

Recomp RX 120Caps

Recomp RX 120Caps

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When we exercise, our bodies enter what is known as a catabolic state, meaning that your body converts muscle into energy. Sounds counter productive, right? Well say hello to Recomp RX by Blackstone Labs! Recomp RX is a revolutionary body composition tool that counteracts the effects of catabolism and trades fat for muscle thanks to a potent compound known as Ursolic Acid. Ursolic Acid not only acts as a powerful anti-catabolic agent, but it also increases concentrations of IGF-1 (growth factor-1) in your bloodstream and has dynamic estrogen-blocking abilities. This compound is also highly anabolic, allowing you to build lean muscle mass without needing a ton of excess calories. Preserve your muscle mass and burn more fat while you work out!

* Aids in converting fat into muscle

* Enhance muscular recovery

* Increase bone strength and density

* Increase strength

* Build lean dense muscle easier

* All-Natural Anti-Catabolic Agent

Directions: As a dietary supplement, take one (1) capsule 3 times daily with food. Continue for 6 weeks followed by 2 weeks off. Repeat cycle.


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