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Raw EAA 25srv

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In the highly competitive world of athletics, the margin separating victory from defeat is often small. As a result, athletes know that the difference between medaling and placing off the podium can be as small as a few hundredths of a second. They know the difference between optimal performance and sub-optimal performance means optimizing all aspects of their sport. They also know that all else being equal, any little edge they can get over their competition will likely lead to more successful performances. Ergo, EAAs have proven time and time again to increase athletic performance, increase muscular endurance, reduce muscle fatigue, build muscle mass more efficiently, help damaged muscles recover faster and lessen muscular soreness.

Raw EAA is potently dosed with over 9 grams of EAAs per serving and includes all 9 essential amino acids to enhance athletic performance on the field, in the gym, or at your respective sport. Raw EAA is also formulated with high doses of key electrolytes to revitalize hydration while you train. No athlete can compete at his or her best without proper hydration. Proper hydration is especially vital during intense exercise. Adequate fluid intake for athletes is essential to comfort, performance and safety. The longer and more intensely you exercise, the more important it is!

* Boost athletic performance

* Formulated with all 9 essential amino acids

* Enhance muscular recovery

* Build lean muscle mass more efficiently 

* Reduce muscular soreness

Directions: As a dietary supplement, take 1 scoop with 8-12 oz of water. In order to get maximum benefits, we recommend consuming a full serving prior to your workout.

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