Pumpies 100Caps

Pumpies 100Caps

Pumpies 100Caps

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"The greatest feeling you can get in a gym or the most satisfying feeling you can get in a gym is, 'The Pump.' Let's say you're training biceps. Blood is rushing into your muscles, and that's what we call the pump.” - Arnold Schwarzenegger, Pumping Iron

When performing intense exercise, more blood and fluid travel into the working muscles than are released. Muscles become engorged with blood, which causes the pump -- technically called cellular swelling or hyperaemia. That full, rich feeling you get from hyperaemia (or cellular swelling) is blood filling up muscle tissue in the body. This is especially important because it also increases the amount of oxygen that can readily be delivered to your muscles, which is how cells produce energy. It also allows for greater and easier delivery of nutrients that your muscles need to grow.

Additionally, hyperaemia can aid in the disposal of waste substances in the muscles, such as lactic acid. Lactic acid buildup is why you feel stiff and sore after intense workouts. Ridding your muscles of it will reduce the feelings of soreness, while at the same time reducing recovery time. This means that you will be able to train harder and more frequently.

As a key regulator of blood flow (via vasodilation), nitric oxide plays a critical role in nutrient and oxygen delivery, glucose uptake, power output and velocity. Due to the range of actions N.O. performs, it’s no surprise that it offers a plethora of benefits. These benefits include:

- Increased vasodilation promoting greater blood flow throughout the body, especially working muscles. Greater blood flow to your muscles increases vascularity, fullness, and some massive muscle pumps. 

- Increased oxygen and nutrient transport to enhance athletic/exercise performance, recovery, and muscle growth.

- Decreased fatigue enabling you to train for longer, and reap more gains from your workout.

- Enhanced muscle recovery. One key factor in accelerating recovery is flooding your muscles with the essential nutrients it needs to repair the damage done by your intense workout. How freely and easily blood flows throughout your body is the determining factor in how quickly those nutrients get to where they need to be. Nitric oxide increases blood flow to the muscles and their surrounding tissues, which means more blood gets to your muscles quicker, supplying your muscles with the valuable muscle-building nutrients they need to recover and grow!

- Enhanced cognition. Nitric oxide has a direct impact on the brain’s computational abilities of the brain. And, it also had an effect on memory formation and learning. Basically, greater levels of nitric oxide resulted in heightened cognitive function and faster reaction times when performing mental tasks.

With astounding benefits such as these, it's a no brainer that maximizing nitric oxide output will be a powerful ally in the gym, on the field, and between those sessions. Introducing Pumpies by Axe & Sledge.

Pumpies is a pump inducing, nitric oxide maximizing behemoth, lead by a very powerful and potent duo -- Inositol-stabilized Arginine Silicate aka Nitrosigine, and Vasodrive-AP. Nitrosigine is one of the most effective nitric oxide boosters to hit the market in years! Nitrosigine stands out from the crowd because it can increase blood levels of arginine within a half-hour. More importantly, and this is huge, it keeps blood levels elevated for up to 6 hours. Yes, you read that correctly. Your muscles will feel tight, look vascular, and look pumped for 6 hours! How’s that for a great pump? Not only does NItrosigine promote skin tearing pumps that last for HOURS... but that extended pump wil also aid in dramatically enhancing recovery betweeen workouts.

Considering its effectiveness as a pump ingredient, you might not think it goes beyond bodybuilding. Yet, there are nitrosigine health benefits. By this, we mean cognitive function. One of the interesting and recent uses of Nitrosigine is that it helps prevent cognitive decline. It also improves overall cognitive ability that relates to brain complications. These include dementia, Alzheimer’s, and traumatic injury to the brain. Of course, these mental benefits can translate to elevated focus in the gym. Also, nitrosigine can improve your ability to mentally multi-task. Nitrosigine helps you think about multiple ideas at the same time. This is known as cognitive flexibility.

VasoDrive AP is derived from a compound that you probably consume on a regular basis: casein, which is one of the most abundant proteins found in dairy products. Casein protein is actually a peptide, and VasoDrive AP is very similar. The benefits of VasoDrive AP are largely due to its ability to help increase nitric oxide production in the body. In fact, it has been scientfically proven to be highly effective at increasing nitric oxide, greatly enhance muscle pumps, reduce musle soreness between workouts due to the influx of fresh blood, oxygen, and nutrients, and even improve heart health as casein has been shown to help reduce stiff arteries in people who had high blood pressure or signs of atherosclerosis. 

Pumpies is also formulated with 2 other performance and pump boosting ingredients. Epicatichens -- which works by reducing the amount of myostatin, thus facilitating more muscle growth through increased follistatin, and basically improves your capacity to build more muscle. Pine Bark Extract -- an all-natural adaptogen, which delivers powerful benefits such as boosting nitric oxide, higher mental focus, and lower stress hormones. Pine bark extract also helps the body repair tissue and raises pain thresholds which is beneficial for workout recovery as well as overall joint and body health during lifting.

Put all this together in one formula and you have a masive muscle pump inducing, and performance boosting masterpiece! 

* Massive muscle pumps that lasts for hours

* Extended blood flow and nitric oxide levels to boost growth and recovery

* Decrease muscle fatigue

* Enhance cognitive abilities

* Reduce musle soreness between workouts




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