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Pump Sauce 16/32serv

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Juicy pumps in the gym are an electrifying experience every lifter craves. It's that moment when your muscles swell, your veins pop, and you feel like a juggernaut ready to hit an insurmountable lift! The pump is more than just a visual high; it’s a powerful physiological response that floods your muscles with nutrient-rich blood, enhances vascularity, and boosts your overall performance. This surge not only fuels your muscles with oxygen and nutrients but also amplifies the mind-muscle connection, driving you to push harder and lift heavier. Now, how can we take this experience and maximize it so you not only feel like a d*** demi-god in the gym, but look like one as well??

Pump Sauce

Listen up fellow pump chasers, if you're tired of those mediocre pumps and want to experience the real deal, it's time to grab some PUMP SAUCE!!. This full-spectrum liquid pump formula floods your muscles with blood, oxygen, and nutrients, giving you a pump that’s out of this world! Picture this: your muscles swelling, veins popping, and that relentless drive pushing you past your limits. With 20 grams of glycerol, 4 grams of citrulline malate, 1.5 grams of agmatine sulfate, and 400 mg of pink Himalayan salt, PUMP SAUCE gets you primed for peak performance, massive muscle pumps, colossal muscle swelling and heightened muscle endurance. Stop settling for mediocrity and start dominating your workouts with PUMP SAUCE!!!

* 20 grams of glycerol

* 4 grams of citrulline malate

* Juggernaut pumps

* Huge boost in endurance

* Colossal muscle swelling

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Take 4 tablespoons (2 cap tops of Pump Sauce) 30 minutes prior to training. Keep cap tightly closed for optimal taste.

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