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Project AD Ravenous 120Caps

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Bulking is a lot easier for some than it is for others, as you've seen people throw back 6 to even 10+ meals a day in their conquest for more strength and muscle mass. It sounds easy when you hear quotes like “you need to eat big to get big” and people will emphasize the fact that you are not eating enough and need to eat more. This is very true but it’s also difficult to just blindly apply, a strategy is needed for bulking that is just as well thought out as one needed for cutting.

Introducing Ravenous, a unique and game-changing appetite enhancing and digestive cleansing product. Ravenous is comprised of 5 potent blends that stimulates an animalistic appetite and keeps your digestive system operating optimally to ensure your body is digesting and actually utilizing all those extra calories and nutrients. The OPTIMASS and OPTIZYME blends are made up of unique ingredients like Harad (chebula myrobalan fruit), Amla (amla fruit), Behada (belleric myrobalin fruit), and a potent blend of digestive enzymes to induce a "Ravenous" like hunger, so you'll feel like devouring food like a madman throughout the day, ensuring you can feed your body the much needed calories it needs to grow. The DIGESTAPLEX and ELIMATOX blends consists of ingredients such as Spirulina Whole Cell Powder, Alfalfa Leaf Powder, Cascara Sagrada Bark Extract, and Plum Fruit Extract to cleanse the digestive tract and prevent damage from food toxins to the digestive system. This brings about a huge increase in the utilization of nutrients, so your body takes all those extra calories and drives them towards increased performance and muscle growth.

Benefits & Results:

* Increase appetite

* Utilize all those extra calories to facilitate muscle growth

* Better overall sense of wellbeing

* Improve recovery levels

* Reduce bloating after big meals

* Reduce the chance of increased body fat while bulking

Directions: As an adult dietary supplement for best results, to aid digestion and improve appetite when consuming large meals, take a serving (3 capsules), with water just prior to consuming a calorie-dense meal. For general digestion support, use 1-2 capsules prior to solid-food meals and snacks. Do not exceed 6 (six) capsules in any 24 hour period. Do not use at time other than when you are about to consume a meal. Use as part of healthy, balanced diet.

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