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Project AD Matador

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It does not matter what kinds of fitness goals you have, taking advantage of the power of the hormone insulin is a key aspect in reaching them. Insulin is a very potent inducer of amino acid uptake and muscle protein synthesis, and thus the key to growth and recovery of muscle tissue. Insulin is indeed the most anabolic hormone found in the body, but in terms of its' greatly positive effects on muscle gains, the door swings both ways. Insulin also directs both use and storage of glucose stemming from the carbohydrates ingested in the diet. Glucose gets stored as glycogen in either muscle or liver tissue, or as fat, in adipose tissue. It is very fortunate for us that we do in fact have an influence as to where the insulin directs the glucose to a certain degree.

Matador helps ensure that the carbohydrates from your diet get stored as glycogen in muscles rather than fat. Matador takes great advantage of the power that insulin possesses by working in cooperation with the body, optimizing its' response to the naturally produced insulin for an overall leaner, more muscular and healthier physique. So what can you expect when you take Matador? First off you can expect extreme muscle fullness, absurd pumps, roadmap vascularity and the ability to control high carbohydrate diets in the manner you want. Expect to experience insane, blood engorging muscle pumps unlike anything you've experienced before. A few more aspects of Matador you can expect are amplified effects of insulin to make your body need to use less of it. This is the actual definition of insulin sensitivity and it gives you more “bang for your insulin buck”. The reduction of inflammation since inflammation has a largely decreasing effect on insulin sensitivity, and enhanced nutrient uptake to the muscles, which makes Matador the perfect tool to add to your arsenal during your fat loss phase for individuals who are sensitive to carbohydrates. Take advantage of the natural anabolic powers of Matador and use those carbs as fuel!

Benefits & Results:

* Enhance insulin sensitivity

* Insane muscle pumps

* Perfect addition for carbohydrate sensitive users during a fat loss stage

* Reduce fat storage

* Increased energy levels and endurance

Directions: For best results take one serving with your pre-workout meal and one serving with your post-workout meal or drink. Ensure both these meals contain carbohydrates. Matador can also be used with other high carbohydrate meals on non training days. Training Phases for MATADOR: MATADOR is suitable to aid you in both mass gaining phases or dieting fat loss phases of your training. MATADOR does not need to be cycled and is suitable for male or female athletes eating and training hard. MATADOR can be used in conjunction with all of the Anabolic Designs range.

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