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Project AD Immune + Matrix 120Caps

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The immune system is made up of specialized cells, tissues and organs in the body that work together to protect against infections, attack germs, and help keep the body healthy. Your immune system helps protect your body from disease. A healthy immune system protects your body from invaders, otherwise known as antigens, by preventing them from entering, which can lead to sickness. Should any of those antigens make their way into the body, a healthy immune system is built to destroy them before they reproduce, helping the body fight disease.

Immune+ is loaded with immune heavily researched and scientifically backed immune boosting ingredients like Vitamin C, N-Acetyl L-Cysteine, Elderberry Extract, Organic Ganoderma Lucidum, and Echinacea Purpurea Extract, known as the"AD Immunity Complex" to fuel your immune system, and promote longevity and optimal performance. Immunity+ is also comprised of a "AD Cellulor Support Matrix" packed with ingredients like Quercetin, Omni MIn AC Trace Mineral Blend, and Zinc5 to further boost the immune system and optimize cell function putting your regenerate and healing abilities into overdrive (No, it unfortunately won't make you Wolverine). Immunity+ is here for an all-around defensive battering-ram against invading toxins and pathogens!

Benefits & Results:

* Boost the immune system

* Increase self-generating and healing abilities

* Protect your major organs

* Fight off sickness

* Supports longevity

Directions: Take one serving daily with food. If exposed to high risk environments or have a compromised immune system an additional serving may be taken daily.

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