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Magnum Nutraceuticals Primer Performance Packs

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What You Need To Know


* Boost athletic performance

* Enhance muscular recovery

* Immune system support

* Boost cognitive abilities and brain function

* Increase daily energy levels naturally


No matter your goal.... whether you're training to become the next Mr. Olympia, training to break the world deadlift record, working on decreasing your 40 yard dash time, or just working on becoming the healthiest you, the biggest part of any program is the foundation! Just like in building a house, you need a strong foundation to support the load of the entire building, your body needs a strong foundation to support the stress load you put on it in order to excel and become the healthiest and strongest you!

Primer by Magnum Nutraceuticals is a comprehensive, multiple system support product scientifically formulated to nourish the body, and support muscular gains, health, wellness, recovery and anti-aging. Primer starts off with a potently dosed multivitamin, antioxidant, and anti-aging blend to ensure the body's micronutrient needs are met so it can perform at optimal levels day-in and day-out, remove harmful toxins that can severely hinder normal bodily functions, and keep you energized and feeling youthful. Next, Primer has a "Brainfood" blend to help boost cognitive abilities and increase brain function so you remain sharp and focused no matter the task at hand. The "Power Fats" blend is an Omega 3-6-9 blend formulated to help with decreasing inflammation, boosting cardiovascular health, and increasing brain health. The "Amino Prime" blend feeds the body the vital nutrients it needs to recover quickly and grow, so you can continue to push your body to its peak ability. The "Digest RX" blend helps the digestive system do its job more efficiently, providing better nutrient absorption and aiding in relief of digestion issues like bloating and flatulence. Finally, we have the "Hydration Plus" blend to help keep the body hydrated throughout the day and help with peak muscle contractions so you get the most out of each and every workout!

Directions: Take 1 Magnum Primer Performance pack (8 capsules) with a meal once per day. Swallow whole. Do not crush or chew. Take a few hours before or after taking other medications

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