Liver Elixir 120Caps

Liver Elixir 120Caps

Liver Elixir 120Caps

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On your fitness journey, you train to not only look and feel good, but to also keep our outer and inner body healthy as best as possible. One key part of keeping our inner body healthy is keeping one of the most vital organs happy and healthy: the liver! Your liver has a plethora of responsibilities including maintaining a healthy chemical balance in the body, creating and breaking down hormones, regulating blood sugar levels, and filtering harmful toxins out of the body. Liver Elixer contains high quality, scientifically researched ingredients such as Milk Thistle, L-Glutathione, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and Dandelion Root Extract to ensure and maintain a healthy liver. Take control of your health with Liver Elixer from Alchemy Labs!

* Help eliminate toxins and xenobiotics (substances foreign to the body)

* Keep free radicals in check

* Ease inflammation and promote cell repair

* Potent dose of Alpha Lipoic Acid as an antioxidant

* Turmeric root to keep your liver safe from toxins

Directions: As a dietary supplement, take one serving (4 Capsules) once daily, preferably with food.


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