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Phase 1 Nutrition Lean Phase Burn 30srv

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Smooth and sustaining energy that stays with you and will power you through the day, keeping you alert and motivated, without the dreaded midday crash that can come along with energy drinks and some high-stim fat-burning products... Substantial increases in cognitive abilities such as focus, concentration, memory, and heightened mood to get rid of that dreaded brain fog and keep you on track for your goals... Powerful thermogenics that boost metabolism, increase calorie and energy expenditure, turning your body into a fat burning incinerator... High dose of Gamma-Butyrobetaine Hydrochlorid to increase L-Carnitine production, leading to high increases in lipolysis (the breakdown of fats and other lipids by hydrolysis to release fatty acids to be used as energy)... boost nitric oxide levels in the blood which will result in increased blood flow which can bring a number of benefits such as increasing oxygen delivery around the body, improved recovery and enhanced athletic endurance ability... Natural adaptogens to regulate and lower cortisol (our stress hormone), stress, and anxiety to help with stress/emotional eating which leads to overeating and constantly snacking...

Sounds like a dream come true right... Introducing the super versatile and potent fat-burning formula Lean Phase Burn

* Smooth and sustaining energy 

* Increase focus, concentration, memory, and heighten mood

* Boost metabolism and energy expenditure

* Increase lipolysis to help utilize fatty acids as energy

* Regulate and lower cortisol, combat stress and anxiety

Directions: For best results, take twice daily. Add 1 scoop to 8-12 oz of cold water and mix well. Vary amount of water to desired taste. Consume in the morning and 20 minutes before exercising in the afternoon. If you workout in the morning, take 20 minutes before exercising, and then 1 scoop before lunch.

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