Laxogenesis 60Caps

Laxogenesis 60Caps

Laxogenesis 60Caps

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Laxogenesis is a revolutionary mass building supplement with great reviews and no side effects that contains ingredients such as Laxosterone (Laxogenin) and Ursolic Acid, two substances that have incredible attributes such as reducing unwanted bodyweight while building muscle. Build lean muscle and reduce body fat all at once: that is the dream! Laxogenin is an anabolic herb that works by stimulating androgen receptorsk, thus increasing hypertrophy and muscle tissue repair, reducing muscle protein breakdown, and increasing muscle protein synthesis. The results from this are enhanced recovery, better strength output, less occurrence of injury, and increased muscle mass. Stimulate increased hypertrophy, rapid recovery, improved mood and motivation and take your workouts and recovery to the next level!

* Build lean muscle mass

* Enhance muscular recovery

* Help eliminate toxins and xenobiotics (substances foreign to the body)

* Keep free radicals in check

* Ease inflammation and promote cell repair

* Potent dose of Alpha Lipoic Acid as an antioxidant

* Turmeric root to keep your liver safe from toxins

Directions: As a dietary supplement, take one serving (4 Capsules) once daily, preferably with food.


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