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Kill It Reloaded is a very similar, yet more intense version of 5% Nutrition’s other top selling pre-workout, Kill It. Kill It Reloaded contains additional creatine to provide maximum endurance and increased strength, more caffeine at 325mg per serving for an immediate rush of energy with no crash, and a new nootropic blend to ramp up mental alertness and motivation. On top of that, Kill It Reloaded optimizes a high quality nitric oxide blend containing several ingredients such as the patented GlycerPump and L-Citrulline for skin splitting pumps. One scoop of Kill It Reloaded is all you need to take your workouts to new heights!

* Laser sharp focus

* Added creatine for maximum endurance and strength

* Glycerol and L-Citrulline for pumps and vascularity

* 325mg of caffeine per serving for crazy energy

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