Keto Asalt 16srv Cherry Limeade

Keto Asalt 16srv Cherry Limeade

Keto Asalt 16srv Cherry Limeade

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Keto Asalt from 5% Nutrition is the perfect addition to a ketogenic diet. Its well documented that the process of entering ketosis can be taxing on the body because the preferred energy source gradually changes from glucose to ketones. This can take several days or even a week, during which there is a distinct decline in energy and mood. Thankfully, Keto Asalt allows users to enter ketosis more rapidly by utilizing patented goBHB salts. At 11 grams per serving, these salts allow you to quickly experience all of the benefits of a ketogenic diet while improving focus, increasing energy, and enhancing performance.

* Enter Ketosis Faster

* Utilize Fat for Energy

* Long Lasting Energy

* Electrolyte Blend

Directions: Mix 1 scoop in 12oz of water or preferred beverage and consume with or without food


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