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Kaged Creatine HCL 75Caps

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Creatine HCl, or Creatine Hydrochloride, is a form of creatine renowned for its advanced solubility and potential benefits in enhancing athletic performance. This compound is a molecularly altered version of traditional creatine monohydrate, designed to be more water-soluble and readily absorbed by the body.

Creatine is a naturally occurring substance that plays a crucial role in supplying energy to cells, particularly during high-intensity, short-duration activities like weightlifting and sprinting. Creatine HCl offers advantages such as improved absorption, reduced bloating, and the ability to achieve similar benefits with smaller doses compared to creatine monohydrate. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts often incorporate Creatine HCl for its ability to enhance muscle strength, power, and overall exercise performance.

Kaged Creatine HCL 

Kaged Muscle Creatine HCl delivers 3 grams (per day) of creatine hydrochloride to help accelerate building lean muscle mass, enhance strength, and accelerate recovery between sets, allowing you to push for that additional rep and push your body to its limits.

Skip the loading phase, thanks to its highly absorbable nature, ensuring a faster and more efficient integration into your system. Rest easy knowing that this product is free from banned substances, meeting the highest standards for athletic use, and say goodbye to bloating, as Kaged Muscle Creatine HCl offers a seamless and comfortable addition to your fitness routine, enabling you to focus on maximizing your performance and achieving peak results!

* Speed up the muscle building process

* Accelerate recovery between sets

* Boost strength and power

* No bloating

* Free from banned substances

Directions: Mix Creatine HCl with 4-6 ounces of water per scoop. Take it before or during your workout. If you’re using unflavored powder, mix with Hydra-Charge, Pre-Kaged or another flavored Kaged supplement. If you’re not consuming other creatine sources, take 4 servings per day to optimally support your performance. You can take Creatine HCl on an empty stomach, with food, or with other Kaged products.

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